The Autokrator-class Star Destroyer ICS Autokrator was an (in)famous battleship within the Finduila Sector. As the flagship of the Legatus Fleet it had a very succesful and illustrious service under command of the cunning and dangerous rear-admiral Schlahs Stutgrat.

It was offically listed missing in action on September 10 2820 within the Metruia Nebula.


With the formation of the Legatus Finduilica in 2804 the ICS Autokrator was the first star destroyer finished of the Autokrator-class line and rushed into active service by the end of 2804. It participated in numerous campaigns to conquer the Kingdom of the Netherlands and led the Legatus fleet in 2805 that signaled the fall of the Netherlands.

Battle for Starbase 25

The Kroc dreadnought rams the Autokrator, August 2820

Afterwards, the Autokrator was often stationed at the Garkarg and patrolled the borders of both the Legatus and occupied Netherlands. Serivng a post or rotation onboard the Autokrator was often seen as prestige and great for your carreer. Its sister ship was the ICS Tartatus.

By 2819, the ship was send into the Quadrant Galaxies to serve within the occupied Ramboidae Realm where in August 2820 it participated in the battle of Starbase 25. During the battle the Autokrator faced the Loyalist One and hammered the Loyalist flagship. The ship played a vital and strategic role during the battle and threatenend to overwhelm the Loyalist forces until the sudden arrival of a Civatron led Singularim Pact fleet. The crude Civatron tactics surprised the Legatus forces as one of the giant dreadnoughts rammed the Autokrator, its momentum pushing it from its current position and heavily damaging the flagship. Heavily damaged and having lost two third of its crew the Autokrator withdrew from the battle what eventually led to the defeat of the Imperial/Legatus forces at Starbase 25.


Ramveral turns the cannons of his fleet on Rambo Prime's Capital city

It rendesvouzed with a large Imperial/Legatus fleet at Rambo Prime and fought during the battle against the Singularim Pact forces and their Civatron commanders. Surviving the four day battle, the ship joined forces with the ICS Thanatos under command of Mandator Ramburgo Ramveral and executed an orbital bombardment of Rambo Prime City on the 12th of August- reducing the city to rubble and ash. After the bombardment it jumped into hyperspace to escape retalliation though was soon forced to limp towards the Metruia Nebula due to the heavy damage.


Autokrator under siege

Soon after, the escorting Arquitens-class was destroyed by the lightning of the Nebula. Immediate afterwards, the Autokrator was tracked down by Cobra Squadron of Santa Company and a Sinleri vessel under command of Aethas Fingolin. As the resistance forces besieged the star destroyer, the crew valiantly defended the vessel as its cannons roared. Though unable to repel the Sinleri and Santa Company boarding parties, rear-admiral Stutgart was captured and spirited off-board. After the resistance forces left the wounded Autokrator- it attempted to exit the nebula and rendesvouz with other Legatus forces but never arrived.

By September 10, the Legatus officially listed the Autokrator missing in action, the second Autokrator-class lost in service.


Name Rank Position Timeframe
Schlahs Stutgrat Read-Admiral Commanding Officer 2804 - 2820


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