The Hydra-class titan is a class of ship designed and built by the Nivenian Empire, and is generally regarded as their most powerful class of warship. The ships currently serve in both the Nivenian and Nullian fleets.

While the ship is almost invulnerable to plasma weapons, and has a strong defense against kinetics, it is weak against lasers and electron beans. The ship only has lasers as weapons, and as such is highly specialized. Hydra-class titans are notably incredibly weak against each other.


The Hydra-class titan was the culmination of half a decade of research into kugelblitz reactor technology by the Nivenian Empire, with the designs established on Ianuaria 7, 25 NE, prototypes on Ianuaria 45, and set into mass production on Martex 9 of the same year. Due to the contributions of the Null Empire to the project, the Null Empire was gifted six of the first twelve of these ships produced. Afterward, 20 of these ships were produced every month, the number being limited due to the limited availability of Nullian SZPMs and extremely high-precision gamma-ray mirrors. The production rate increased to 40 per month in Ianuaria 26 NE due to advances in technology, and again to 400 per month in Iunius, 34 NE, for similar reasons.


The Hydra-class titan is the second-largest Nivenian combat vessel ever produced, and by far the most powerful. Instead of the typical protium fusion technology powering most Nivenian ships, it is powered by an experimental kugelblitz reactor, which is capable of 100% efficient matter-to-energy conversion. While this technology is limited by the production of several key components requiring extremely high precision manufacturing, 20 of these ships can be constructed each month.

The Hydra-class Titan has the firepower needed to heat a planet's atmosphere to 200 Celsius in less than thirty minutes, and can boil a planet's oceans (well, some of the oceans will inevitably remain as a supercritical fluid, but we do not need to talk about that) in ten days. However, all of its weapons are extremely precise, so specific areas of a planet can easily be targeted for orbital bombardment. Another problem, which limits its use, is the amount of Null Spice that can be generated and stockpiled at any one time for cooling - even at full Null Spice capacity, the main complement of massive lasers can only operate at a full 1.3 ZW for around an hour (twelve, with newer technology) before the reserves of Null Spice are depleted, forcing a pause in the attack to regenerate. As the Null Spice regeneration only produces enough Null Spice to cool about six or seven Exawatts of Systems at a time, the ship then needs a week and a half (five days, with newer technology) to rebuild its Null Spice supplies before spending an hour in battle at full power. However, an hour of the ship at full power is enough to seriously mess up the planet - while it would not render the planet completely uninhabitable, it would heat the atmosphere enough to burn anything on the ground, and release enough steam from the oceans to keep the planet unlivable for several months.

It should be noted that the Hydra-class Titan has significantly more computing power than any other Nivenian ship. This is because it has an additional function - as most of its weapons are extremely long-range, it is able to coordinate the attacks and tactics of smaller ships from afar, dramatically increasing weapons effectiveness.

Main Components[]

Component Number Component type Other information
Kugelblitz Reactor 1 Power generation 5 PW to 1.26 ZW output
Main Gamma-ray Laser-Rocket 1 Main engine
  • 3.20 TN thrust
  • 132,000,000 m/s delta-V in onboard fuel
Gamma-ray Thurster-Turret 3000 Reaction Control Systems 330 MN thrust each
Interstellar ramjet 1 Fuel extraction and refining
  • Minimum effective speed 5,000,000 m/s
  • Maximum effective speed 260,000,000 m/s
Mk. 1 NullSafe Safety System 72 Null Spice-based cooling and explosion protection
Basic Computer System 1 Computer System 80.0 THz processing power, 40.0 TB RAM, 144000 1U pizzabox servers.
Life Support bay 2 Gravity, Food, Air, and Water generation 6.00 m/s^2 gravity, maximum sustainable crew 16,000,000.


Weapon name Number Weapon type Energy Fire rate
Main Gamma-ray Laser-Rocket 1 Laser 0.960 ZW Continuous
Gamma-ray Thurster-Turret 3000 Laser 100 PW Continuous


Armor material Thicknesss Energy to rupture Laser Resistance Energy to melt
CANT-TI Alloy 8.0 m 9.6 GJ/m^2 30 % reflectivity 47.3 GJ/m^2
Reflective Plating 0.5 m 2.5 MJ/m^2 98 % 7.2 GJ/m^2


Shield Backups Energy rating Resistances Vulnerabilities
Mk. 12 Quantum Chromodynamic Shield 2 90 TJ/mol quarks maximum rating Most plasma and kinetic weapons Lasers, electron beams, things with a whole lot of momentum


Empire name Number of Hydra-class titans in service Production capacity per month (number currently in production per month)
Nivenian Empire 15,686 400 (400)
Null Empire 26 (added hyperdrive installed) 0
General Information
Nivenian History after Dekemurios 32, 20 NE
Nivenia Space Core Systems (within 3.2 light-years)
Nivenia Space Rouge Planets