The Hecatoncheir-Class was one of the largest vessel ever in service of Rambo Nation. These massive ships acted as mobile militairy bases, able to command an entire fleet far away from Rambo Nation space, able to act as secondary seats for Rambo Command or send large amounts of fighters and troopers into battle. Often escorted by a fleet they were answer by the Rambo against the Imperator-class Star Destroyer.

The Hecathoncheir-class are few in number, and those that survived the subjucation by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus became heavy bulk cargo and tanker freighters for the Froramsilia Company Association.


Rambo Nation Service

A Hecatoncheir-class cruising through space

Since the rule of Dino Le Rambo I, the father of Ramashe, Rambo Nation has been searching for ways to build larger ships as the territories of Rambo Nation became spread across the Quadrant Galaxies and beyond. At first, Rambo Command was hesistant to use large warships, as it didn't fit the Rambo and their exploration nature. Sadly, with the Lizardian and Rambulan forming the Imperial Alliance and their attack during the First Galactic War the need was proven for larger and more powerful vessels. As such the Rambo Monarch and the High Council ordered the Shipyards of Rowar to design and start building these massive vessels after the design sketches were approved.

Hecatoncheir-class destroyed

The construction was problematic, it's long size (7845 meters), technical difficulties and the outbreak of the Second Galactic War and the Intergalactic War delayed it's construction even further. Somewhere during the Quadrantia Disorder the class was finally launched into active service, with various others soon following. Since the discovery of the mystical Atlantica planet Aecor, at all times two Hecatoncheir-classes are guarding the bastion in name of Rambo Nation and act as a warning to the Cognatus Empire who are also researching the place.

During the first month of 07 AQF, Rambo Command lost their first Hecatoncheir-class in service at the hands of a Quashowan-dreadnought.

Froramsilia Company Association Service

A Hecatoncheir-class at Praesidium Navlia

Upon the subjugation by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus the Hecatoncheir-classes were to be withdrawn and dismantled. Lord Argathon Froramsilia used his standing and influence to acquire at least five Hecatoncheir-classes though was ordered to dismantle most of the heavy weaponry by Imperial law. Modified at the Praesidium Navlia at Matakoro by 2820 the class was deployed as the Company's Heavy Bulk Cargo and Tanker Freighter to ferry large amounts of cargo and goods across the Cyrandia Cluster.

The ships kept their same name designations by special dispensation by Rambo Command but lost the "USS" prefix. After the modification of the five deployed vessels the Company is planning for at least three more to be constructed at the Praesidium Navlia.


Civilian Version

With a length of 7845 meters, the Hecatoncheir-class is an impressive sight to behold. It acts as a massive cargo and tanker carrier. Though retaining the same design as the military version, all military aspects were removed in favor of transporting cargo. The large towers found at the top of the ship hold various navigational sensors and massive shield generators. Due to the large amount of warp cores found inside the center of the class, it was equipped with 15 external engine exhaustions to prevent an overload of the systems while using warp. The class is constructed with a small drydock inside her as well (the large cylindrical construction) at the underside of the ship, able to provide quick repairs for smaller ships.

After the modifications the vessels is less heavily armed and gave up its military advanced command centers. The modifications reduced the need of personnel afer automation.

Military Version

With a length of 7845 meters, the Hecatoncheir-class is an impressive sight to behold. Able to act as a massive carrier and a mobile militairy base, the class can execute invasions of planets or defend colonies. The class is equipped with a large command station, hangar bays, crew chambers, training facilities, medical and science labs as well as everything else a militairy base would need, including a mess. It's massive hangar bays held large amounts of RNSF Mirage Cascabel fighters, as well as the means to repair them or do maintaince on them. The class also holds various hangar bays for the vessels used by the clone troopers, like the buggy and the walking tanks. Equipped with a large armanent of photon cannons, torpedoes and phasers, the ship is well able to defend itself against threats.

Notable ships[]

  • Adrammelech
  • Archamhut
  • Hecatoncheir II
  • Serindianiliae
  • USS Hecatoncheir (destroyed in 07 AQF)
  • Zalera



  • Like most larger ships made by Dino, this particulair vessel excists out of multiple parts!

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