The House Ramcelsior Star Ship (HRCS) Ser Ramniels was a Gozanti-class cruiser in service of House Ramcelsior.



Second Battle of Ramgotheria, September 2820

The HRCS Ser Ramniels was constructed at the shipyards of Eris by the Saurien Sector Corporation and launched for active service in 2820. The ship was named for Ser Ramniels Ramcelsior, a former Rambo Nation officer who perished during the battle of Ozdudrahk in 2819 while in service of the Rambo Loyalist.

In September 2820, the Lord Ramcelsior participated in the liberation of Ramgotheria under orders of Ser Trasram Ramcelsior. It protected the flank of the fleet and provided support fire for the various fighters.

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