The Great Eye-ships are the capital ships of the Void Eye Empire.

They are the biggest ships of the Void Eye Empire. More than 10 Void Eye-ships (medium cruisers) defend it and it is loaded with Watcher Eyes (Space Fighters). The Great Eye-ships posses the Wave of Nothingness superweapon (Void version of the the Gravitational Wave). A Great Eye-ship can create wormholes to travel long distances by using the Void Energy for him and his allies.

Every spaceship of the Void Eye Empire possesses a rotatable eye in the front, all the weapons are launched from the eye. Each one of the Great Eye-ships possesses a Black Hole generator, Gravity Field device and a huge Gravity Beam.

Weapons Edit

Black Hole: The Great Eye-ship generates and shoots a small singularity that soon unfolds into a black hole. The created black hole is smaller and weaker than a regular one, but it is still very dangerous. The created black hole is unstable and it lasts some minutes before exploding.

Gravitational Crush: The Great Eye-ship can also use it's massive Gravity Beam to apply pressure on an enemy ship, which can in turn be concentrated to crush it's hull and even implode it in itself if enough force is applied.

Gravity Nova: The gravity nova creates a large gravity wave that travels in all directions. It can launch enemy ships away from the Great Eye-ship and smaller ships can be seriously harmed. It disrupts the Gravity Field for a minute, which must be recharged to be reactivated again.

Gravity Field: This field can stop most enemy missiles, bombs and ships from coming through, though it doesn't affect the Void Eye Empire's allies.

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