GT-92s is an exploration spaceship invented by the Llurebleg, and the species' first spaceship. Only two units have been made as of now, with the first having been destroyed due to a crash landing.


The GT-92 has a narrow shape with a rather small cabin that only allows two people to fit inside. It has large thrusters, two short wings and four small wheels. The current GT-92 is purple and brown, but future models might include new colors. Though they're not visible at plain sight, the GT-92 is equiped with lots of improved JJ-99 tech microcannons.


The GT-92 was designed for travelling short distances through space, and for exploring planets both on land and air. It's thrusters make the spaceship go fast enough to take off from Earth and travel through outer space, but not nearly as fast as light-speed spaceships. Due to the lack of knowledge about its existence, the GT-92 isn't designed to travel through hyperspace, meaning even the shortest routes tend to take hours or even days to complete, which are often translated to whole years in Xuz Fareh due to gravitational time dilation. It posesses a small storage that allows the crew to dispose of room for a food supply, weapons, building materials, etc. The spaceship's JJ-99 microcannons allow it to defend from creatures that attack the vehicle, but is useless against other spaceship due to the nature of this technology.


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