The Excelsior-class is one of the most successful classes within the Rambo Navy. Over the course of history, the Excelsior-class has been constantly been upgraded to modern standerds to allow the class to remain in service since it's introduction.

The Exceslior-class (Refit) versions are larger than the original versions and often act as flagships.


The first Excelsior-class was constructed during the dreaded Trogg Wars, raging between 442 BQF and 430 BQF. During the first war, the reliable Constitution-Class managed to keep the Trogg at bay, though their fire power gave Rambo Command concerns.

An Excelsior-class V3 exploring a dangerous nebula

As such they tasked the Shipyards of Rowar to design and construct a new class with more fire power, yet that could perform the same omnirole the Constitution-class had. During the second Trogg War in 434 BQF the first of the class was finally finished after years of delay and technical difficulties, where the USS Excelsior, first of her line proved to be vital in the defense of the Rambo Capital and the following invasion of Trogg space, forcing the Trogg to eventual surrender.

As the Golden Age began in 429 BQF, more Excelsior-classes came into active service and were mostly seen in fleets defending the most important planets of Rambo Nation, though they were also quite common as long range exploration vessels. During the Golden Age the Excelsior-class (Refit) was launched into service as well, this version had modifications to the basic hull design and was slightly larger and more powerful.

During defense of the colonies in Tigris Galaxy, the Excelsior-classes turned to be no match for The Congregation during the Tigris War and many were destroyed or either forced to withdraw to the Quadrant Galaxies. During the Second Galactic War in 0 BQF with the Imperial Alliance, the class proved her worth and saved many colonies against the wrath of the Lizardian and their allies. After the war, the Intergalactic War with the Cognatus broke out in 01 AQF. The class saw action in the Cyrannus Galaxy, aiding the fleets of the United Republic of Cyrannus in their defense. Though the class was outmatched by the more advanced Cognatus vessels, the Excelsior-class were the only vessels capable of holding out the longest against their dreaded plasma weapons. As such it was decided the class would recieve it's V2 update. Additional updates to the design would be made in 04 AQF, during the Great Cyrannus War so that the ships could match the fleets of the Confederacy of Allied Systems.

As of 05 AQF, the Excelsior-classes, both the original and refit versions were the only vessels given the V3 update, now both ships act as the most powerful and impressive vessels within the Rambo Navy, the refit version was equipped with a transwarp drive so that is could travel at faster speeds then warp. Due to their importance, strength and fire power, an Excelsior-class can often be seen leading task forces or armadas, often flanked and protected by battle-cruisers like the Miranda-Class. After the subjugation and fall of Rambo Nation in October 21 AQF (2819), the Excelsior-classes were gradually sieged by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. By April 22 AQF (2820) only six ships were still in service, the sieged USS Excelsior in drydock, the USS Dallas, USS Intrepid, the USS Juno, the USS Overlord and the USS Royal Oak.


The Excelsior-class featured the saucer section-engineering section-warp nacelle layout common to most Rambo Navy vessels. However, it featured a more streamlined design than was seen in previous classes like the Bonaventura-Class and the Constitution-Class.

The orginal Excelsior-class was equipped with 8 phaser emitters in five dual phaser emplacements on the forward saucer section, and one dual emplacement on the aft of the saucer. Phaser banks were also positioned laterally, located port and starboard, near the point that the primary and secondary hulls meet, as well as one emplacement located between the nacelles. This made the Excelsior-class able to defend itself against enemy attacks from all sides. The class is able to fire photon torpedoes as well, from two forward tubes and at the aft section, just below the shuttlebay.

The refit-version had a significant overhaul, while remaining true to the original design, this new configuration added several modifications to the basic hull, including the addition of a second pair of impulse engines, an expanded scoop surrounding the deflector dish as well as a massive expansion to it's weapons armanent, marking her flag ship status.

This version was equipped with 10 phaser banks and 4 photon torpedo launchers. The phaser bank could be found at the following positions:

  • 2 dorsal saucer arrays, forward starboard
  • 1 Dorsal saucer array, aft
  • 2 Dorsal secondary hull array
  • 2 ventral saucer array, forward
  • 1 ventral secondary hull arry, aft
  • 2 Starboard arrays on each side

Both classes were able to reach speeds around Warp 9.0.

Notable Ships[]

  • USS Al-Batani (withdrawn)
  • USS Bill of Rights
  • USS Dino Le Rambo
  • USS Dallas
    (under command of vice-admiral Ramcard)
  • USS Enterprise-B
    (in design stage after withdrawl)
  • USS Royal Oak
    (under command of captain Garan Andarch)


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