The swords and shields of Terrae.

- Juliana Reynolds

The Everest-class carrier/destroyer is an advanced warship used by the Allied Terran Republic. Commissioned in 2806, the Everest-class effectively replaces the older Jové and Eriú-classes developed in the 2790s. Armed with advanced weaponry and protected with non-phasic shielding, the Everest-class is quickly becoming the core of modern Terran fleets. The lead ship of the class, the ATS Everest is currently under the command of Admiral Juliana Reynolds, serving as the flagship of Terran forces in the Cyrannus Galaxy.


Two Everest-class carrier/destroyers on patrol. The Everest-class is the most successful ship design in the Terran Navy, introduced in the mid-2800s.

Designed in response to the devastating Neraida Invasion of 2800, the Everest-class incorporates many design elements shared between members of the Mou'Cyran Accords, though it remains a staple of pure Terran ship-designing prowess. The lead ship of the class, the ATS Everest was launched in 2806 and currently serves as the flagship of the Terran fleet in the Cyrannus Galaxy, where it first saw action during the Cataclysm in the Neutral Zone, during which a Terran flotilla came to the aid of the New Cyrannian Republic when many of its colony worlds, along with those of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, were attacked by the Corruptus Overworld Brezank.

Design Specifications[]

As its official designation would imply, the Everest-class functions as both a carrier and a destroyer, allowing it to serve in battle effectively during broadsides with enemy ships while being protected by assaults from enemy bombers by its own squadrons of starfighters. Equipped with turbolasers, hyperspatial torpedoes and various other forms of weaponry, the Everest-class continues to impress both Terran and alien ship commanders with its lethality in battle.

Notable Ships[]


Impressive vessels. Especially considering their mammalian origins.

- Thonaloc



  • The Everest-class is the first Terran vessel to gain an individual page.

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