The Eendragt is an Acclamator-Class transgalactic military assault ship formerly in service of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. After being sieged by Dutch dissidents it saw service in the Rambo Loyalist under command of schout-bij-nacht Jan Michiel Tasman.

Its proud service ended in September 2820 during the battle of Pauvenris.


Komamuka, Tasman and Yvenne on the bridge of the Eendragt

The Acclamator-Class ICS Acclamator was the first ship of the class to be produced by the shipyards of Cyroenia in 2803 (05 AQF) after the Empire recieved the designs from Rambo Nation in a gesture of peace. As such the ICS Acclamator was soon dispatched to transport troops and cargo to the Finduila Sector where it participated in numerous campaigns against Dutch dissidents while in service of the Legatus Finduilica. By 2810, the ship was send to a salvage yard after recieving critical damage.

Within the same year, Dutch dissident under command of schout-bij-nacht Jan Michiel Tasman managed to siege the ship from the salvage yard and harboured at Home Base at Altena. Modified and upgraded by the disidents it soon became their main base of operations and became home to various notable figures, including sergeant Yvenne Thalyssaera and captain Komamuka Sajin.

Leading the Dutch Dissident Fleet

After SF16s were stolen from Rottum it became the home base for their SF 16s squadrons as well. In late February 2819 the Eendragt and Home Base came under siege after being discovered by Legatus forces. Abandoning its base the ship managed to escape and found itself in the Quadrant Galaxies where the timely arrival of the Loyalist One under command of Lord Ramannis Le Rambo prevented its destruction and that of the dissident forces. It became part of the Loyalist Ensemble and was considered together with the Loyalist One its most important asset. By May 2819 the ship remained in the Purpura Nebula in the Space in Between to coordinate and train the Ensemble. After the Loyalist forces losses at Isle Blue in January 2820 the ship returned to the Finduila Sector where it played an important role in the liberation of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the assault on Gargark.

Assault on Starbase 25 and return to the Quadrants, August 2820

In August 2820 the ship returned to the Quadrant Galaxies where it joined the Loyalist Ensemble in an assault at Starbase 25 to start the campaign to liberate the Ramboidae Realm from Imperial subjugation. After the battle was won with the arrival of a Singularim Pact fleet the Eendragt welcomed both Ramannis and Civatron Lord Psantik onboard where the three decided to join forces against the Empire. For the remainder of the month the Eendragt remained at the starbase where it provided logistical support for the starbase.

The Eendracht rams the Executor engines, moments before her demise

In September 2820, the Eendragt participated during the battle of Pauvenris where it was used to ram the super star destroyer Executor, disabling the might super star destroyer and ensuring a close victory for the Loyalist and their allies. With the Eendragt crippled, heavily damaged most of the crew perished in the collision though the bridge crew managed to survive as that said section was spared from destruction.

It was eventually succeeded by the Acclamator II-class transgalactic military assault ship HNLMS Eendragt in service of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.


Name Rank Position Timeframe
Jan Michiel Tasman Schout-bij-nacht Commanding Officer 2810 - 2820


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