The Delphator-Class is a Rambo Nation Dreadnought-carrier in service of Rambo Command, launched in march of 08 AQF.


Two Delphator-class vessels escorting the Republic One

Upon the outbreak of the Tertius Bellum in 08 AQF and the increasing threats of the Hutter Kingdom, Rambo Command wanted a more manouvarble carrier/dreadnought compared to the much slower and larger Dreadnought-Class. This resulted in the design of the Delphator-Class, a class of vessel already in pre-production but not yet finished in its final design.

As such the Delphator-Class was launched, a 425 meter long vessel carrying fighters and advanced sensors to detect cloacked vessels! A true menace for the increasing aggressive Hutter Kingdom. The Delphator-Class is believed to replace the aging and slower Dreadnought-class.

Within a few months, they became the main patrol and guard asset for Rambo Nation at whole, tasked with patrolling borders, escorting vessels etc. Two Delphator-class vessels were tasked with welcoming and escorting Republic One, the vessel of the President of the New Cyrannian Republic to the Rambo Capital.


The Delphator-Class features the common saucer-engineering section-warp nacelle layout. However their are some radical changes in the design of the Delphator-Class. The engineering section lies at almost the same height of the saucer, while the warp nacelles are attached to the additional command tower. While the bridge is the command center of the ship, the additional command tower houses another bridge used for the starfighter command bridge and the advanced sensor room. The Rambo designed the additional tower after witnissing its use in the United Republic of Cyrannus star destroyer, the Venator-class.

The class is heavily armed, with photon and quantem torpedoes, phasers and phaser turrets.

Due to its size and unique design it can only achieve Warp 7.8, rather slow but the additional command tower disturbs the warp field when going beyond 7.8, causing a dangerous situation that could destroy the ship and tear off the warp nacelles. The advanced sensors the ship is equipped with can detect cloacked ships when they enter a system and well before they are in firing-range. Rambo Command keep the way to detect them a secret at all-cost, but it is believed the sensors can detect slight differances or reflections of light and in space.

The class carriers two squandrons of RNSF Mirage Cascabel fighters:

Notable Ships[]

  • USS Fier Le Ardèche
  • USS Carcassonne
    commanded by commander Codoberia
  • USS Le Normanz
    commanded by captain Ramantas Ramgrath (08 AQF -)
  • USS Monts d'Ardèche
  • USS Pride of the Monarchy
  • USS République Laïque


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