The DSS Yarchadia is aYarchadia-class carrier deployed by the Dinotopian Defence Navy.



Battle of Ramar Shadda, September 2820

The shipyards of Eris had one nearly finished experimental Yarchadia-class carrier readily availible and sold the design to the Dinotopian Republic around the end of July 2820. Named for the planet Yarchadia- the carrier line was to become the capital ship of the Defence Navy.

As such, the DSS Yarchadia become the first Yarchadia-class carrier in service of the Dinotopian Defence Navy and was dispatched to participate int the battle of Ramar Shadda under comman of captain Jiarn in September 2820. During the battle the DSS Yarchadia targeted the Interdictor-class ICS Eternal Empire and launched its S'aur-class starfighters as well. With aid of the planetary defence forces of House Le Rambo of Ramar Shadda the Imperial forces were forced to retreat and Ramar Shadda was liberated.


Name Rank Position Timeframe
Jiarn Captain Commanding Officer 2819 - ongoing

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