The Cruandai is a modified Consular-class in service of Lusitania Squadron, named for the homeworld of the Cyrannian senator Mer Mirea and late wife of commander Altus Mirea.


The Consular-class Cruandai came into possesion of commander Altus Mirea after the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm in 2818 (20 AQF). During the destruction of Mou'Cyran his wife Mer Mirea perished during the destruction of the planet and the commander vowed revenged. Raising Lusitania Squadron, acquiring three Consular-classes he upgraded the design with weapon installments and a torpedo launch bay.

The SC-130-class Curagae steers away from the damaged Cruandai, 28 August 2820

The Cruandai recieved red colorations, like the Acceptance. It was part of the fleet that welcomed the Dutch Dissidents upon their arrival in the Quadrant Galaxies and soon afterwards remained in the Purpura Nebula for a while, located in the Space in Between. After the Loyalist loss at Isle Blue the Cruandai was part of the Loyalist fleet that headed to the Finduila Sector to liberate the Kingdom of the Netherlands from Legatus Finduilica control.

By August 2820, the Cruandai returned to the Quadrants and participated in the battle of Starbase 25 and the battle of Ramgotheria. During the latter, it backed up the doomed Acceptance and took in the escape pods. Later on, on the 20th of August the ship fell under attack by the ICS Thanatos and the ICS Eternal Empire when it attempted to rendesvouz with the HRSS Tirith which was later destroyed. Evading capture, it managed to hide into an asteroid field where it eventually rendesvouzed with the Curagae and continued its repairs.

Repairs finished in due time so the ship was able to participate in the liberation of Ramgotheria in September 2820.


Name Rank Position Timeframe
Unspecified Unspecified Commanding Officer 2818 - ongoing

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