The Constitution-class of Rambo Nation is the most famous and well known class within Rambo Command. Serving the fleet since the first great war with the Trogg in 442 BQF, the Constitution-class remained in service for a very long time, serving as a heavy battlecruiser and their main long range exploration class. Over the course of history, the class has constantly been upgraded and refitted to continue it's use within the Rambo Navy.

For the first time in history, in 06 AQF Rambo Nation allowed France to buy and use the Exeter sub-class, resulting in the French Exeter-class.

The most famous vessel of it's class is the USS Enterprise-A, under command of the Quadrantia Humanoid-captain James Rambo.


A Constitution-class (Refit Mk IV) exploring deep space

When Rambo Nation was drawn into the Trogg Wars starting in 442 BQF, Rambo Command realised they needed a new kind of vessel, well armed and able to overpower enemy ships instead of only light cruisers and ships for exploration. The Shipyards of Rowar already had started the construction of the Constitution-class before it's order by Rambo Command, giving Command a ship build for battle, but as well for long range exploration missions. The class is heavily armed and equipped with science stations, laboratoriums and even a botanic garden. The use of the Constitution-class meant that the Trogg were able to be defeated, though after the war Rambo Command soon discarded the Constitution-class to mere border patrols due it's extensive maintance and construction costs.

During the Golden Age in 429, Rambo Command refitted the Constitution-class, wich became known as the Constiution-class (Refit). Ever since, the original and refit versions of the Consitution-class served within the Rambo Navy, with many serving as expensive border patrols due to the introduction of the more powerful Excelsior-Class. When the Tigris Galaxy was discovered in 21 BQF, many of the Constitution-classes, whether they were the original or the refit version began exploring the new galaxy and brought many colonists. When the Tigris War broke out, the Constitution-classes were the main ships used against The Congregation and their battlecruisers. Many ships were lost in that war until Rambo Nation was eventually forced to leave the Tigris Galaxy and admit defeat at Congregation hands, losing all of the Tigris colonies and millions of lives.

USS Enterprise-A struggles to escape the gravital pull of a wormhole

When in 0 BQF the Second Galactic War broke out, the Constitution-classes were the first to encounter the star destroyers used by the Imperial Alliance and saw extensive use during the war. In 01 AQF, the Constitution-classes recieved the V2 upgrade, to be able to participate in the Intergalactic War against The Cognatus. After the war, in 04 AQF the Constitution-class recieved the V2 Mk II upgrade, while a sub version of the Constitution-class, the Exeter-class was also launched into service, equipped with a cloacking device. The Refit version remained in various design stages until the entire Refit line was chosen over the original V2 Mk II version around 05 AQF. The Exeter sub-class had to be withdrawn in 05 AQF as well due to flaws in the warp core, making it unstable and due to her easily detected cloack.

As of 05 AQF, the Constitution-class (Refit) mk. IV together with the original version of the Constitution-class were the only versions of the long line of Constitution-classes still in active service, with it's most known vessel, the USS Enterprise-A. All other V-status versions were either decommisioned or dismantled for the use of the current versions.

Near the end of 06 AQF, Rambo Nation sold the Exeter-sub classes to France, aiding them in reconfigurating them it resulted in the French Exeter-class. In return, Rambo Nation managed to buy the designs of the Mirage Cascabel from France, able to modify them to their own needs the Rambo had a new strike craft, the RNSF Mirage Cascabel.

The Enterprise Exhibition in orbit of the Rambo Capital (2820)

In 13 AQF, the New Cyrannian Republic and Rambo Nation completed the construction of a joint shipyard designed to replace the destroyed Shipyards of Rowar. When construction on the starbase was completed, a joint venture was agreed upon by the Republic and Rambo governments for the development of a new variant of the Constitution-class to serve the New Republic Navy. The project, which was hidden from the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, raised the ire of Imperial officers in the Quadrants, though was celebrated by pro-Rambo members of the Republic as a signal of the eventual return of the Cyrandia Alliance. The first Republic Constitution-class was the CRS Cynaserine under the command of Captain Aelon Vargeryan.

With the fall of Rambo Nation in 2819 (21 AQF) and its subjugation by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, the Imperials send all Constitution-classes back to port and overtime dismantled them. By January 2820, the USS Enterprise-A was send for display at the Enterprise Exhibition, the last of her class!



Schematics of various versions

The Constitution-class features the saucer section-engineering section-warp nacelle layout common to most Rambo Navy vessels. The saucer housed the main bridge, various accommodations for crew and passengers. Using the turbo-lift in the neck of the ship, or the engineering tubes one could access the engineering section (lower section of the ship) where the warp core was housed, as well as various labs, cargo holds and the shuttle bay. The Constitutions were the first Rambo ships capable of allowing a primary-hull saucer separation- though only in emergencies, since the separation's use of explosive bolts required starbase facilities for re-connection. The weapons armament of the Constitution-class (Refit) include 8 phaser banks (port, starboard, fore, aft), three photon torpedo launchers (2 fore, 1 aft) and the current standard shields.

The Exeter sub-class was installed with a cloaking device, though it was unstable the idea was scrapped to install a cloaking device on all Constitution-classes. The class is able achieve warp speed up to 8.7. The USS Enterprise-A follows the basic version of the Constitution-class, has the same armament though has a slightly different saucer with more decks, resembling the older design a bit more. This version is often dubbed the Enterprise sub-class.

Larger though less nimble than the Rambo Constitution-class, the Republic variant is geometrically similar, though with a more bulbous and organic physical appearance similar to the Odyssey-class. In addition, the Republic Constitution-class is equipped with Republic technologies such as turbolasers, hypermatter torpedoes and a hyperdrive.


Over the course of time, the Constitution-class has had various designs, listed below in the gallery are those currently into service by either Rambo Nation or others.

Notable Ships[]

  • USS Androcus
  • USS Boone (destroyed during the Trogg Wars)
  • USS Constitution
    Under command of Ramickon Ramglover
    (destroying during the Second Great Cyrannus War)
  • USS Defiant (missing)
  • USS Eagle (destroyed near the Galaxon Galaxy)
  • USS Endeavor (refitted)
  • USS Enterprise
  • USS Exeter
  • USS Isshasshte (destroyed during the Trogg Wars)
  • USS Kearsarge
  • USS Potemkin
  • USS Proxima (destroyed during the Trogg Wars)
  • USS Quindar (destroyed during the Trogg Wars)
  • USS Republic
  • USS Salazar
  • USS Ticonderoga
  • USS Tigress (destroyed during the Trogg Wars)
  • USS Valiant (destroyed during the Intergalactic War)
Exetor sub-class
  • USS Exeter
  • USS Potemkin
  • USS Androcus
  • USS Apocalyptor (under command of fleet-captain Trabl)
  • USS Clemenceau
  • USS Deceiver
  • USS Eagle-A
  • USS Emperador
  • USS Endeavor
  • USS Enterprise-A
    Under command of James Rambo
  • USS Excalibur
  • USS Explorer
  • USS Fontana
  • USS Freidlandia
  • USS Oriskany
  • USS Scharnhorst
  • USS Zeta
Republic Constitution-class
  • CRS Trident
  • CRS Cynaserine
  • CRS T'larun


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