The Constellation-class is a battlecruiser in service of Rambo Nation. It's typical design with four warp nacelles makes it's an unique kind of appearance within the Rambo Navy.


The Constellation-class battle cruiser came into service around 400 BQF during the Golden Age. The ship was designed for operating independently in the remote reaches of Rambo Nation space without the need of regulair resupply or maintance at space stations.

A Constellation-class narrowly evading a shock wave of an exploding cloacked Regellis mine!

For years the class was mostly seen in service in the Outer Colonial Regions, and played a vital role in the Algernon War (52 BQF). Due to it's design and advanced sensor arrays it was able to perform deep space incursions of Algernon space. After the war, most the Constellation-class slowly was pushed out of service. However the line was saved from decommissioning when the Imperial Alliance started the Second Galactic War in 0 BQF. Their sturdy design and fire power proved to be equal to that of smaller vessels of the Alliance and one of the few vessels that actually stood against an Imperial squadron of fighters. After the war, in 01 AQF during the Intergalactic War with the Cognatus, the class recieved it's V2 update. When the Great Cyrannus War broke out in 04 AQF, plunging the Cyrandia Cluster once again in war, the ship proved once again it's use to be able to participate in fleet battles or ship to ship battles far away from space stations and outside Rambo territories. As such Rambo Command decided in 04 AQF to give the ship another upgrade, ensuring it's continuation in service for many decades and served through both the Quarantia Disorder, the Dark Times and beyond.

In march 08 AQF, the class was scheduled to be retired and phased out of active service, replaced in favor of more advanced classes like the Constitution and Excelsior-classes.

By 2823, many of the discarded hull frames and parts were used to construct the Sacratus Nigtrion-class star cruiser.


The Constellation-class featured an unique appearance with it's four warp nacelles. The saucer housed the main acommodations of the crew as well as the bridge. The engineering section was placed between the four warp nacelles. Armament equipped onboard the Constellation-class included 5 twin-mounted phaser banks; one dorsal saucer forward array, one ventral saucer forward array, two lateral phaser array, one aft secondary hull array. It's four warp nacelles gave the class a huge advantage in accelaration and maneuverability. At the t-joints of each nacelle, above and below the level of the saucer four forward photon tubes were installed, making the Constellation-class able to fire a two torpedo spread for a very respectable total salvo of eight torpedoes at the same time.

It could achieve warp 9 when at full speed.

Notable ships[]

  • USS Antietam (destroyed during the Great Cyrannus War in 04 AQF)
  • USS Canopus
  • USS Cochise
  • USS Constellation
  • USS Diadem
  • USS Fading Sun (destroyed during the Battle of Fornaeria)
  • USS Hathaway (destroyed during the Tigris War)
  • USS Stargazer
  • USS Vespucci
  • USS Victory


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