ISD Chimaera (ICS 1994) is an Imperator-class Star Destroyer of the Imperial Navy. Launched a year into the rule of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus at the Shipyards of Cyroenia, the Chimaera was placed under the command of Captain Tector Decimius. At 2,600 metres and equipped with the latest in Imperial technology, the Chimaera is a coveted posting in the Navy, with an official complement of 36,000.

Originally commissioned during the final months of the Great Cyrannus War by the United Republic of Cyrannus, the Chimaera was to be a member of the first batch of Imperator-class Star Destroyers designed to serve the Republic should the Great War continue. With the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, construction of the Chimaera began at the Legionóe shipyards at Cyroenia in Martex 01 NE. Launched under the command of Captain Tector Decimius the following Novemex, the Chimaera was initially assigned to cruise the turbulent northern reaches of the Perliama Hyperlane close to Panthrea Space, before being redeployed to the Seventh Expeditionary Fleet during the Empire's preliminary expansion into the Mirus Galaxy. The Chimaera was involved in a multitude of "showing the flag" exercises close to the border with the United Lanat Empire, before being assigned to aid the Tralor in the Confinement War against the United Mirus Council. Under the command of Decimius, the Chimaera proved instrumental in reclaiming much of the territory conquered by the Council prior to the Imperial intervention. In 05 NE, the Chimaera served as the Imperial flagship during the Fall of Lanat Prime—the conflict which resulted in the fall of the Tralor to the Empire.

After the conflict ended, the Chimaera was redeployed to Cyrannus, where it remained under the command of Decimius for the duration of the New Cyrandia Wars. She participated in the Cataclysm in the Neutral Zone and the Siege of Vasuband, before being assigned to hunt down remnants of the Cyrannian Imperial State upon the official capitulation of Vasuband on the eve of 06 NE. In the midst of the Cyrannian Cold War, she was assigned to Grand Admiral Mortalagueis' fleet during the Battle of the Alliance Hubworld. When the battle concluded, she returned to Imperial space for an extensive refit.

Battle of Thaehos

The corvette Aurora escapes the Chimaera and her fleet during the Battle of Thaehos.

Upon Decimius' promotion to Grand Admiral, he declined the opportunity to transfer his flag to a Star Dreadnought, instead opting to retain the Chimaera as his flagship. Nominally, Captain Henera Medé commanded the Chimaera from the main bridge, while Decimius commanded the entire fleet from a personal command post located two levels above. While the Chimaera is far from the most powerful vessel in the Imperial fleet, under Decimius' command, it is as valuable to Imperial High Command as a Nemesis or Executor-class dreadnought. During the opening stages of the Second Great Cyrannus War, the Chimaera was placed under Medé's sole command, serving in the Coru Secundus Campaign under Fleet Admiral Tharnak Adraci, where it fought in the Battle of Thaehos, Mou'Cyran Remnants, Coruaan and Coruanthor.


  • The Chimaera is based on the ship of the same name in the Star Wars saga.
  • It's appearance differs from other Imperator-class Destroyers, with a taller command bridge and a slightly blue-tinged colouration.

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