The bastion protecting the gateway between Cyrannus and the Quadrants.

- Captain Adanúan Decanius

Cheynoslin Station is a large space station in the Cyrannus Galaxy under the command of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Constructed in 03 NE to serve as a protector of the original Cyrannian-Quadrantia Wormhole, the station serves as a major staging area for fleets serving in the Imperial Navy. The station is named after the famous ancient Libertus explorer Lom Cheynoslin who explored unknown space during the days of the First Republic. The station is currently under the command of Captain Adanúan Decanius.


In the years before the Rise of the Empire, the Cyrannian-Quadrantia Wormhole was primarily used for peaceful purposes, namely for trade and commerce in what quickly became the most important of the Cyrandia Cluster's many wormholes, the only methods in which one could manage to overcome the Galactic Barrier surrounding both Cyrannus and the Quadrants. Indeed, the Cyrannian-Quadrantia Wormhole became as important as many of the most notable worlds in both the United Republic of Cyrannus and Rambo Nation, having a key role in conflicts such as the Great Cyrannus War and the Intergalactic War.

An Imperial Fleet mobilising over Cheynoslin Station.

Upon the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus however, the wormhole began to be used for far less noble purposes, serving as a critical point in which the Empire hoped to begin an invasion of Rambo Nation. However, when the terminus of the wormhole in the Quadrants played host to a formidable Rambo fleet, the wormhole found above Capricaerón was instead chosen to carry the ultimately victorious Imperial fleet.

In the period after the signing of the Nim-Glaré Concordat, peace once again returned to the Wormhole Region though its status as one of the key junctures in the Empire convinced the Imperial Navy to begin the construction of Cheynoslin Station to serve as an important rally point for the Imperial fleet in the region.

As such, when the station was completed in 03 NE, it played host to a vast Imperial fleet which gathered to celebrate the completion of the powerful new space station.


Despite the primary function of Cheynoslin Station being a diplomatic meeting place between Imperial and Quadrantia delegations, the station is a formidable weapons platform playing host to scores of turbolasers, ion and laser cannons. In addition, the Station often plays host to large fleet movements, with a major structural expansion after the New Cyrandia Wars allows up to twenty Star Destroyers and three Super Star Destroyers to dock. In addition, the station houses thousands of short range starfighters, assault craft and ground vehicles in the event of hostile action across the wormhole. The station is officially commanded by Captain Adanúan, a Libertus officer who places great pride in the stature and might of his space station and the capabilities of those who serve upon it.


The pride of the Cheynoslin Sector, the bastion of the wormhole and the protector of order.

- Captain Adanúan



  • Cheynoslin Station has an important role in diplomacy, often playing host to meetings between Imperial and Quadrantia officials.

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