The Caradhras-Class Assualt Carrier is the largest Rambo Serindia ship, even since the introduction of the Rambo Nation Clone Trooper Army (RNCTA) the vessels were eventually integrated in the Rambo Navy, in service of Rambo Command. A troop transport, transporting fighter, invasion troopers, vehicles, tanks and other vehicles into battle!

After Rambert Ramveral usurped the throne and crowned himself High King of Rambo Nation, he ordered the Caradhras-Class to undergo intensife refits and upgrades to give it a V2 status. The V2 version of the Caradhras-Class is almost 4x larger than the original version and are mobile star and military bases. The first two of the new class were eventually launched three years later, in 15 AQF.


Carddhrass-class are often part of fleets, like during the Battle of Ramalivua

Once build by the private shipyards of the Rambo Serindia, the vessel won popularity after the devastating Second Galactic War in 0 BQF and the Intergalactic War in 01 AQF. The two wars painfully showed the lack of ground forces and transport for them. As such, in an act of emergency Rambo Command pulled them into temporarily service, until their new Acclamator-class transports were finished. As the Great Cyrannus War broke out in 04 AQF, Rambo Nation used the vessels extensively across the Cyrandia Cluster. Together with the forming and introduction of the Clone Trooper Army, the Caradhras-Class became an important asset for the army and navy a like. After the Great Cyrannus War the Caradhras-class were drawn from active service in favor of the Acclamator-class, though the following rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the signing of the Nim-Glaré Concordat saw a disfavor for such an Imperial alike vessel. Near the end of 07 AQF, the Caradhras-class were fully introducted back into the Rambo Navy and Army, as most Acclamator-class vessels were either sold to the Empire of dismantled.

A 4km+ Caradhras-Class V2 with task force patrolling the Rambo Nation borders

In 12 AQF, after Rambert Ramveral was crowned High King, the military was ordered to upgrade the Caradhras-Class to the V2 status. Instead of the black/green coloration common for Serindia vessels the new V2 classes were larger, painted grey like the Imperial vessels of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and became a sign to fear as the ship was doubled in size. The class carries the fighters into battle as well as ground forces. The Caradhras-Class V2 versions are highly expensive and replace both the Dreadnought-Class and theHecatoncheir-Class, though is far larger than either or the original version ever was, measering well over four and half km. As such many within Rambo Command view the Caradhras-class as the Rambo Nation's own version of the Intergalactic Supercarrier, though far smaller than what other empires deploy. It took three years to design two vessels, process managed to be sped up due to the deconstruction of the other classes wich materials were used to construct the new versions of the Caradhras-classes. In 15 AQF the first two were launched, amongst them the USS Caradhras and the USS Ered Mithrin for the infamous 187th regiment. The USS Gul'Sharkú was launched into serfice in 18 AQF after a massive delay and sabotage. The USS Orthancia and USS Aelin Sardothien remained in production as well and their launch dates were postponed due to delays and shortage of materials and funds.

Though the military and navy flag officers are quite pleased with this new technological wonder, many within Rambo Command view the vessels as a waste of materials, a wrong sign of what Rambo Command stands for and a bit tactical risk. Losing one vessel might threaten an entire colonial sector as the losses of many assests and troopers take years to replace and trained.

With the fall of Rambo Nation and its following subjugation in 21 AQF, the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus sieged most of the Caradhras star destroyers for disassemble.


The Caradhras-class has a dagger-like construction, a rarity among the vessels seen in the Quadrant Galaxies. It large size (over 1 km) gave it an impressive sight before the encounters with the star destroyers of the Cyrannus Galaxy. Used in secondary roles like supply and support ships, her large size the class became the perfect way to supply troopers, bring troopers and ground forces, including the moving tanks and vehicles into action. They are also often bringing reinforcement to secured planets instead of going into battle on her own. If requiered, the Rambo Materiel and Supply Department can tasks this class for civilian transports of goods and supplies as well, even though it falls under the Rambo Trooper department.

The Caradhras-class is equipped with powerful shields and light batteries, able to defend herself in case of an attack. Though also is equipped with two large photonic cannons and phaser cannons. The ship is able to land on the surface of planets and take-off with no problems. Her forward shuttle bay is used to launch dropships and fighters into action.


The Caradhras-Class carriers have a complement of the following vessels:

Notable Ships[]

Rambo Nation Build
  • USS Aelin Sardothien (in production)
  • USS Caradhras
  • USS Ered Mithrin (187th regiment)
  • USS Orthancia (in production, delayed)
  • USS Gul'Sharkú
Cyrandia Union of Worlds Defectors

The Cyrandia Union of Worlds ships were brought over by Rambam from the other reality and serve under him command in Rambo Nation.

  • USS Ashryvië
  • USS Eclair (named in honor of Claire Rambo)
  • USS Galathynia
  • USS Gul'Elim


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