The Calcuttan Starfighter is yellow single-seat patrol craft developed by the Calcuttan for duties such as defense, patrol, and escorting. With its sleek design it is well known and loved by spotters and favored by collectors though very few are seen outside the use the starfighter corps of the Ordinis Sancti.


The Calcuttan Starfighter is a specific starfighter craft designed and constructed by the Calcuttan and deployed within the starfighter corps of the Ordinis Sancti of Calcutta. Its precise date of servie is unknown, as of 2800 the crafts has been in service for well over 200 years with constant updating to its engines and weapon systems. Up until current time, the craft never seen actual combat either.


The Calcuttan Starfighter is a sleek single-pilot craft used by the Calcuttan and demonstrated their love of art and function present in their technology. The buffed chromium placement on the front of the fighter surfaces glinted in the sun for fly-byes adn parades, and represents the divinity of Qo-Oh. The chromium stood in stark contrast with the overall yellow design.

It had two engines and even includes a hyperdrive, had a single on-board astromech droid and featured autopilot systems and shielding, along with offensive weaponry that consisted of two laser cannons and photon torpedo launchers.


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The Png file of the pilot requires the Dark Injection mod and the CamBen Color Pack

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