The C.R.S. Resolute, formerly the L.I.V. Terroriser, is a Valiant-class Heavy Star Destroyer in service to the New Cyrannian Republic under the command of Fleet Admiral Helo Roslia.

The Resolute was originally constructed during the reign of the Gigaquadrantic Hegemony in the Mirror Universe, before being stolen by the New Republic Remnant as a means to escape the Xeranbha's invasion of the alternate reality. In the aftermath, the Resolute was deployed as the Remnant's mighty flagship, and was considered a high-priority target of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus in the Second Great War.

The Resolute served as the Republic flagship during the Liberation of the Twelve Worlds and the Great Battle of Orbispira, during which it was pulled out of the sky by Emperor Tyrómairon and crash landed on the planet’s surface. However, the mighty ship proved salvageable, and after the battle’s conclusion, it underwent a refit, serving the emboldened New Republic Navy for the next five years of the conflict. After the war’s conclusion, the Resolute remained as the peacetime flagship of the Republic fleet.


The Terroriser began service as one of the many flagships of Emperor Aedanius I Cretacea, the fearsome sovereign of the universe-spanning Gigaquadrantic Hegemony, and was developed to expand the Hegemony's reign into alternate realities. By the time the ship was completed, however, the Mirror Universe was besieged by the Xeranbha, which shredded the Hegemony and prompted Emperor Aedanius to reforge the Libertan Imperarchate, consolidating his holdings in Cyrannus in preparation for the Xeranbha's impending attack.

The Terroriser versus the Imperial fleet.

However, during the Xeranbha's assault on Aedanius' armada in the Coruaan system, the Terroriser was commandeered by Admiral Helo Roslia and Aoirtae Valaeris, who managed to capture the Emperor and utilise his command codes to return to their reality. The Terroriser was subsequently rechristened the Resolute, and swiftly came to the aid of the New Republic Remnant, with Roslia utilising the ship's advanced technology to rout an Imperial fleet, before returning with his new flagship to the Remnant's distant base on Harborage.

The Resolute was the commandship of the Remnant during the Battle of Harborage in 20 NE, during which it held the line against an overwhelmingly powerful Imperial armada commanded by Grand Admiral Tector Decimius. Though loath to consult Aedanius, when faced with these long odds, Roslia asked the former Hegemony Emperor to activate the ship’s hidden weapon systems, which ultimately proved instrumental in turning the tide of battle in favour of the New Republic Remnant.

The Resolute was subsequently commanded by Roslia during the pivotal battles of Operation Liberty, which culminated in the Liberation of the Twelve Worlds, during which the Resolute proved to be an instrumental weapon in the hands of the Republic armada. The flagship later played host to a meeting of the allied commanders, during which it was agreed that the now reconstituted Republic would lead a daring attack on the Imperial capital Orbispira, hoping to finally rid the galaxy of the Empire’s tyrannical rule.

The Resolute pushes on through the battle.

The Resolute was thus the first vessel to arrive in orbit, firing the first shots of what would become known as the Great Battle of Orbispira, with both Apollo and Roslia commanding from the bridge. During the battle, the Emperor unleashed his powers into the skies, pulling the Resolute from orbit and sending it crashing down to the surface like a meteor. The ship crash landed in the government district of the city, though remained largely intact, due to both the Emperor’s desire to capture Apollo, and the strength of the ship’s defences. Nevertheless, it remained a wreck throughout the remainder of the battle, which ended in a decisive New Republic victory.

After the battle’s conclusion, the wreck of the Resolute was raised into orbit, where it was towed to the shipyards of Scorpiae, undergoing an extensive repair and refit. After six months in dry dock, the Resolute was again commanded by Roslia, who commanded the vessel throughout the next five years of the conflict, participating in key battles over Cyroenia, Corulus and Taracondor. After the war’s conclusion in 26 NE, the Resolute was reassigned to exploration duties in the Unknown Regions.



Name Rank Position Timeframe
Helo Roslia Fleet Admiral Commanding Officer 17 NE - Present
Epol Salan Subcommander Chief Engineer 17 NE - Present


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