The C.R.S. Phoebus-A is a New Republic Phoebus-class Star Destroyer which serves in the Republic Navy under Captain Kalae Sevine. Named in honour of the original CRS Phoebus, destroyed during the opening stages of the Second Great Cyrannus War, the new ship was intended to be scrapped by the Empire during their occupation of Republic Space, before being stolen and brought to the New Republic Remnant and placed under the command of Captain Sevine.


  • The C.R.S. Phoebus-A was originally designated the C.R.S. Sentinel during its construction at Coruaan Fleetyards, before being renamed the Phoebus-A after the destruction of the C.R.S. Phoebus at the Battle of Thaehos in 15 NE.
  • The ship remained ind drydock after the Fall of the Twelve Worlds, where it was intended to be scrapped by the Imperial occupation authority, along with the vast majority of what was once the Republic Navy.
  • On 17 Novemex 17 NE, however, the ship was stolen from the shipyards by Aoirtae Valaeris and Kara Inviá, who used the ship's AI to pilot it to Harborage, where it was placed under the command of Captain Kalae Sevine.
  • On Iunius 39, 20 NE, the Phoebus fought during the Battle of Harborage, and was later reassigned to Operation Liberty.


Name Rank Position Service
Kalae Sevine Captain Commanding Officer 17 NE - Ongoing


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