The Butterfly-class was a former Rambo Nation class design, designated as multi-role light cruisers that can be operated with a minimum of crew of 15 to 55 personnel. Production started in 2818 (20 AQF) by personal design of High King Rambert Ramveral. Sadly the king passed away before the ship was being launched, though initial test-runs were scheduled to take place in 2820 (22AQF). Unique for this kind of class are its various version types or sub-classes, one was build with an orientation of trainee ship while others were designed for combat, patrol or exploration.



Butterfly & Harakaze in drydock (2820)

Initially designed to be a trainee ship, after the fall of Rambo Nation in 2819 (21 AQF), the ships were being planned to be tested as frigates and patrol vessels. Both type of the original two versions started production and construction simultaneously in orbit of the Rambo Capital in 2818. Around the same time, two other subclasses, the Continent & Pacific schematics were finished though construction wasn't started due the subjugation of Rambo Nation in October 2819.

During Volerx Ateeshe second internship in January 2819, he was allowed to pilot the USS Butterfly while under supervision of commander Tash Hannity. By the end of March 2820, the USS Harakaze performed a test flight as well though was reported lost after entering the Metruia Nebula in April. The ship was relocated to the Argoroth Sector in the Endless Space where it became involved in the Harakaze Exploits.


The Buttefly-Class features the common saucer-engineering section-warp nacelle layout commonly found on the former Rambo Nation vessels. There are various types of design for the Butterfly-class, one is named Butterfly-class while the other is better known as the Harakaze-class, named after the first ship constructed of this type. Two other versions, the light battlecruiser Continent-class and the recon Pacific-class were designed as well. These versions are all part of the succesful so called Butterfly-line.

General Specifics

The class is lightly/medium armed, classified as a light-cruiser. This class of vessel is normally commanded by an officer with the rank of Commander or captain, and is seen as a "starter" command for new and inexperienced captains before moving on to larger vessels. Though it is not rare to see experienced captains commandeering one of these trustworthy and highly capable vessels. Some of the class are also used by the Rambo Academy, where Cadets get their first experience of commanding a star ship in a safe environment before being dispatched to operational vessels after graduating for their interships and exams by the end of the second year.

The ship features single rooms for the officers, sleeping quarters for the crew and all the accomodations required for trainee and operations, including showers, a holodeck, fitness rooms, class-rooms, science labs, shooting range etc. As with most vessels, it also features a recreational/mess hall.

Due to the small size of the vessel(125 meters), it can only carry two Type 1 shuttles in its shuttle bay. Though some subclasses, like the Harakaze can carry up to four of the large shuttles.

Name Description Png
The Apocrypha-subclass features the typical saucer-engineering section-warp nacelle layout. the rollbar above the saucer holds photon launchers whereas the engeneering section is located in the single warp nacelle below the saucer. The class is designed for short term exploration and scientific missions though can also act as an escort in fleets.

The shuttlebay is located on the saucer and can hold up to four shuttles. As it is based on exploration it is also equipped with an astrometric lab and a botanic bay.

The Butterfly-subclass features the typical saucer-engineering section-warp nacelle layout. The rollbar above the saucer holds the photon launchers and forward sensor arrays. The engineering sections lies in the "belly" or secondary hull of the vessel. The warp nacelles are attached to the saucer, similair to the Oberth-Class and the Quadrantia-Class, allowing the vessel far more agility and speed though it reduces its offensive capabilities. It is often seen as the perfect "Cadet-trainee" vessel and two versions of this class are constructed with just that in mind.

The class houses 4 shuttles in its hangar bays. On top of the general specifics the Butterfly-class has various class-rooms as well and a state of the art astrometric lab. It features 5 decks.

The Continent-subclass has an average size of 125 meters. This light battle cruiser was designed purely for battle during the waning days of Rambo Nation. Equipped with 6 photon/quantem torpedo launchers and two heavy phaser cannons in forward-facing locations. The cannons were located next to the upper the nacelle root attachments on the main body on both port and starboard sides of the ship. These cannons had a much higher damage output compared to standard phasers.

The class features three warp nacelles, two on the main hull (saucer) and one located below.

The Harakaze-subclass has a notable difference in design in comparison with the Butterfly-class. The Harakaze version lacks the rollbar and is equipped with three warp nacelles. The saucer is constructed in a smilair way as the other versions. Though the vessel is orientated for patrol and interception missions its large hangar bay allows it to accomadate shuttles (up to a maximum of 4 type 1 shuttles) and able to perform short to mid-term exploration missions as well.

The class features only 3 decks, an enlarged shuttle bay and a larger complement of photon torpedoes. The atop the primary hull (saucer) was a superstructure that supported the photon launchers and the two upper warp nacelles.

Harakaze-Class (V2)
The Pacific-subclass is another type of design within the Butterfly-line. With an averange length of 125 meters long vessel these ships are specifically designed for surveillance, intel, and recon. These listening corvettes monitor communications and scanned data, looking for signs of seditious activities. Though it has strong shieldings, its offensive capabilities are limited. On top of the advanced sensors, the Pacific-class is also equipped with temporal sensors and as such is often involved in classified missions and should be commanded by captains rank only.

Its outer hull are lined with sensor pods and sattelite dishes and sensor arrys.

The Wanderer-subclass design is atypical compared to the other classes of the Butterfly-line. The ship is designed for short-term planetary research and analysis, is capable of landing on the surface. As such, it is not typically suitable for combat operations but can act as an escort for battle cruisers. The saucer section features additional thrusters and sensor arrays while the secondary hull is directly attached to the underside of the saucer. It is also used for covert operations.

Attached to the secondary hull are two pylons with each a warp nacelles with wings for atmospheric operations. The secondary hull also contains a shuttlebay for at least three shuttles.


Notable ShipsEdit

  • USS Aelin Sardothien
  • USS Alua
  • USS Apocrypha
  • USS Artoria Pendragon
  • USS Astolfo of Charlemagne
  • USS Huntress Atalanta
  • USS Jeanne d'Arc
  • USS Jung Siegfried
  • USS Karna of Anga
  • USS Spartacus
  • USS Usurper Mordred
  • USS Vlad III
  • USS Butterfly
  • USS Africa
  • USS Antarctica
  • USS Asia
  • USS Europa
  • USS Gondwana
  • USS North America
  • USS Oceania
  • USS Pangaea
  • USS South America
  • USS Akeno Misaki
  • USS Blue Mermaid
  • USS Daughter of the Sea
  • USS Haifuri
  • USS Harakaze
  • USS Isoroku
  • USS Musashi
  • USS Aleutian Arc
  • USS El Niño
  • USS Hurricane
  • USS Mariana Trench
  • USS Pacific
  • USS West Mata
  • USS Cour de Lion
  • USS Galathynia
  • USS Lion Statant
  • USS Lionheart
  • USS Wanderer



  • The ship is named for the Butterfly Scions commonly found on Terra Prime. Mirroring the cadets stage of being a butterfly infant before they spread their wings and go on larger vessels.

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