The Bonaventura-class is one the eldest classes still in service of Rambo Nation. In the beginning, shortly after the Rambo Serindia reached space, the ship was their primary exploration class and main battle cruisers. As the Rambo advanced, the Bonaventura-class was degraded to a light cruiser, doing border patrols and acting as Academy training vessels.


Launched in the year 446 BQF, six years after the Rambo Serindia reached space, the class became the main ship used by the early Rambo Nation.

A Bonaventura-class during a training leaves drydock during sunrise at the Rambo Capital!

The class became the vital exploration ship of Rambo Nation, often doing scientific and exploration missions. When in 442 BQF the First Trogg War broke out, the Bonaventura-class became Rambo Command's main battle cruiser. However the class was soon to replaced as main battle cruiser by the Constitution-Class and during the following Second Trogg War in 434 BQF, the ship was degraded to a light cruiser support role in battles.

Due to flaws in their design, many ships were destroyed during the Trogg Wars, those that remained were often bought by ex-personnel of Rambo Command as personal luxary liners. Suprisingly, after the Second Galactic War in 0 BQF and the Intergalactic War in 01 AQF, the hammered fleets of Rambo Nation relaunched the class into active service and gave it a V2 upgrade. The ship became once again launched as a light cruiser to defend and patrol the Outer Colonial Regions. During the sixth month of 04 AQF, during the Quadrantia Disorder, the Bonaventura-class was rescheduled as many ships were retired from active service, the Bonaventura-class was given another upgrade to the V2 Mk. II and was assigned to take part at the front lines again. With a sleaker design and more powerful shields and phaser banks, equipped with photon torpedoes the class became one of the two main light cruisers and border patrol vessels for Rambo Nation.

After Rambo Nation was placed under the "protectrate" of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, the ship was given an additional role as training ship for cadets and young officers once more.

In january of 08 AQF, the class was retired, her training purpose replaced by the Kelvin-class.


The Bonaventura-class featured the saucer section-engineering section-warp nacelle layout common to most Rambo Navy vessels. The saucer housed the main bridge, various accommodations for crew and passengers. Using the turbo-lift in the neck of the ship, or the engineering tubes one could acces the engineering section (lower section of the ship) where the warp core was houses, as well as various labs, cargo holds and the shuttle bay. The class is equipped with modern state shields and 1 twin-mounted phaser bank. A reason why the Bonaventura-class was retired after the Trogg Wars was due to flaws in her design. These structural flaws in the class included the dangerously insufficient radiation safety systems in the engineering spaces. The engineering blast doors were too far down the connecting corridors to prevent radiation from spreading through the ships corridors. Another structural flaw included when exceeding warp speeds of Warp 5, structural integrity could fall apart and damage or in worse case, destroy the ship.

Notable ships[]

  • USS Agamemnon
  • USS Apus
  • USS Aquila - under command of captain Shivrt
  • USS Bonaventura (museum vessel)
  • USS Copernicus
  • USS Coultrip (destroyed during the Trogg Wars).
  • USS Exodus
  • USS Gagarin
  • USS Tiangle


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