The Bismarck is the infamous modified Dreadnought-Class under command of Commodore Malegras in service of the Rambo Loyalist and the Cyrandia Resistance.

The vessel survived the Second Great Cyrannus War and became a feared sight amongst the remnants of the Empire- amongst them the New Empire and the Legatus.


Second Great Cyrannus War & Twilight of Divina[]

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Leaving Concor Refueling Depot

The USS Prosperous was launched in 2802 (04 AQF) by Rambo Nation during the Great Cyrannus War and was scheduled to participate in battles against the Confederacy of Allied Systems. Due to the high demand of personnel on other vessels, the Prosperous remained at the Rambo Capital in drydock in case of need. With the subjugation of Rambo Nation by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus the class was scheduled for dismantling by the Imperials without charting a single hour in active service. However, the Prosperous found itself being sold into the private hands of Lord Ram'Lendila Le Rambo for heavy modifications to serve within his private fleet. Instead he had arranged the vessel to be handed over to the Rambo Loyalist.

Ram'Lendila send the ship, together with two other Dreadnoughts to the Concor Refueling Depot for demolition where the Loyalists executed the theft of the vessels. Lusitania Squadron, Idris Vanguinar and Yvenne Thalyssaera managed to infiltrate the Depot and managed to steal two of the Dreadnoughts and delivered them into Loyalist hands.

Destroying the Tartatus and its escorts

By January 2820, Commodore Malegras assumed command of the Bismarck and struck an Imperial patrol near Isle Blue. With the brutal and cunning tactics of Malegras they overpowered the Autokrator-class ICS Tartatus under command of Veloci Onychus. Soon after, it participated in the evacuation of Loyalist forces from Isle Blue, boosting her reputation.

Returning to the Quadrant Galaxies it gained her infamous reputation as it destroyed numerous Saurien Sector Corporation convoys and its Imperial escorts. In May 2820, the Bismarck and her battlegroup led an unsuccesful attack to liberate the shipyards of Eris. In September 2820 it led the Loyalist forces during the battle of Pauvenris. Afterwards, it led the Loyalist forces during the battle of the Rambo Capital that saw the eventual retreat of the Imperial and Legatus forces from the former Inner and Mid colonial sector. Malegras also commanded the Bismarck during the liberation effort of Orbispira- a battle where the ship suffered heavy damage and required extensive modifications afterwards, changing its outer appearance and becoming a feared sight for any remnant of the Empire.

Divina Frigus[]


Name Rank Position Timeframe
Malegras Commodore Commanding Officer 2820 - ongoing


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