A huge ship used for mass destruction by the Volver Empire. It has a massive health capacity and energy storage. This ship is usually sent into battle by Prince Glynn or when the Volver want to end a war quickly. This ship is known far and wide across the galaxy and can only be destroyed by an Anti Matter Missile. It is extremely fast for a ship it's size and can easily evade most attacks thrown at it.


The ship was originally created by Dr. Que, a Volver scientist. King Gartoom ordered him to build a powerful warship capable of eliminating other empires. After months of work, the ship was finished. And just in time for the Walactic War.

Galactic WarEdit

The Ascon War Ship had its first battle in a war above Planet Tyris. The battle was one easily. Seeing the war ship's performance, King Gartoom decided to keep the ship for emergencies only.

The ship was later used during the invasion of the Grox home planet

Ziskin Strikes BackEdit

The AWS was used to envade the small planet where Ziskin was about to destroy the galaxy. It fired missiles and lasers at Grox ships, fending the off from the Volver army below. The ship was also used to escape the dying planet.

Nebulorian-Alpha WarEdit

The AWS engaged the Nebulorians during the Battle over Ascon. see the war HERE.
Spore 2012-11-15 18-39-02

The Ascon War Ship as it hovers over planet Farmia.

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