The Asclepius Curagae-Class hospital ship is part of the Curagae Squadron.


Humanitarian fleet led by the Asclepius

The ship was acquired by ambassador Riyo Apanoida in 2818 to be part of the humanitarian fleet and acts as the hospital and medical frigate. Its two Hammerhead-class escorts, Hygienia and Nightingale provide protection together with its Tiger-class squadron.

The Asclepius is a modified version Chinawkya Medical Frigates with an updated design, larger engines and upgraded weaponry and shileds. The interior of the vessel is state of the art, with the latest and modern medical equipment, hospital wards, surgery rooms, CT-scans, recovery rooms, storage rooms etc. The Curagae-class Asclepius is a space worthy and mobile hospital designed for humanitarian missions under command of commander Bob Chioaik, the former doctor of the USS Enterprise-A.


Name Rank Position Timeframe
Bob Chioaik Commander Commanding Officer 2818 - ongoing


  • The ship is named for the Greek hero and god of medicine, Asclepius.