The Arquitens-class Star Frigate, also classified as the Arquitens-class light cruiser, is a common ship design developed by the United Republic of Cyrannus during the Great Cyrannus War, and subsequently utilised by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the New Cyrannian Republic in the decades since. The ship itself resembles a cross between the Venator-class Star Destroyer with the engines of a smaller Ambassador-class Corvette, bridging the gap between the more peaceful vessels designed prior to the Great Cyrannus War and the fearsome ships developed to wage war.

In the Imperial Starfleet, the Arquitens-class is often seen backing up larger Star Destroyers and can take and deal a lot of damage in a battle with its non-phasic shields and reactors as well as its many weapon emplacements. Though retired in the New Republic, the Arquitens-class is among the most common vessels in the Imperial arsenal and are deployed extensively by Imperial provinces such as Legatus Finduilica, where Star Destroyers are a rarity. Often deployed on border patrols, leading small task forces and to intercept those crossing borders, the ships are feared for their ambitious officers and impressive weaponry. Relatively agile the ship can match and keep up with most shuttles and can carry at least three ASP-fighters as part of its armament.



A Legatus Arquitens-class under attack by rebels in the Finduilica Sector.

Developed and produced during the Great Cyrannus War by the United Republic of Cyrannus to serve as an escort frigate, the Arquitens-class soon became a common sight in Republic fleet operations against the Confederacy of Allied Systems, often fighting alongside the far larger Venator-class Star Destroyer as both a fighter picket and an escort frigate. Seeing service throughout the conflict, the Arquitens-class would not be produced under the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus though would remain in the service of various Republic remnant factions prior to the formation of the New Cyrannian Republic in 03 NE. In the newly formed Republic Starfleet, the Arquitens-class fulfilled much the same role as it did during the war, though was joined by other ship designs such as the more heavily armed Ares-class Assault Frigate.

Republic Arquitens-class frigates were retired from active service upon the introduction of the Aether-class corvette, which, while smaller and less powerful, were considerably faster. However, within the Empire, Arquitens-class ships remain in active production, particularly in outlying regions such as Legatus Finduilica who heavily deployed them in both the Finduila Sector and the Space in Between as the backbone of their navy.

During the Second Great Cyrannus War the class participated in numerous battles and campaigns, and at times faced heavy casualties amongst its numbers. On of its class, the ICS Unfortunate was lost in action and relocated to the Endless Space where it subsequently crashed on Gorga III. In September 2820, the ICS New Dawn was destroyed during the second battle of Ramgotheria. The war caused a strain on the availability of the vessel and Imperial and Legatus shipyards faced difficulties keeping all vessels in service due to the high number of damaged or destroyed Arquitens-class cruisers.


An Arquitens-class flanked by two Gozanti-class cruisers, a commonly seen border patrol task force of the Legatus

By 2820, the Arquitens-class cruiser was modified for a V2 version, with better shielding and engines. It soon became the backbone of the Legatus navy and was commonly seen patrolling sectors and borders with small task forces or on its own, they were also cmmonly seen being part of task forces of either Enforcer-class star destroyers or Krakana-class star cruisers. Since the creation of the Legatus Navy the Legatus vessels carry the prefix LSF, known as the Legatus Star Frigate. Two notorious Arquitens-class star frigates were the unique painted LSF Centicore and the LSF Legionnaire.


An agile and resilient ship design, the Arquitens-class is easily identifiable as a hybrid between the mighty Star Destroyers of the URC and the New Republic and the diplomatic vessels used by Republic ambassadors, with a wedge-shaped hull and three massive engines. The bow of the vessel is somewhat similar to the Imperial Harrower-class Star Destroyer in that a pronounced split in the hull is present, in which starfighters can dock and refuel. The armament and shielding present on the Arquitens-class allows it to be used on most battlefields, both deep and space and over land where it can provide air support to land forces. The Arquitens-class can be constructed quickly, deployed easily and can support larger ships in a variety of instances, making it an essential addition to any armada.

Notable ShipsEdit

  • Crimson Talon (under command of Lady Astrosia)
  • New Dawn (under command of Lady Vertac Uiana)
  • Peacemaker
  • Persistence
  • Provocateur (under command of captain Nanda Tessala)
  • Raptor(under command of captain Veloci Onychus
  • Republic Star
  • Redemption
  • Tedevium
  • Tharen
  • Unfortunate(under command of commander Zahra Ross
  • Yavaris



  • Based on the ship of the same name in Star Wars.

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