The Apostasy-Class... No finer ship has ever come out of the Ankoran people before. And it is glorious.

- Kavaat

The Apostasy-class Star Destroyer is a powerful ship design developed and deployed by the Ankoran Empire two years before the onset of the Teyan Subjugation War. Designed primarily as a mobile command nexus for the rest of the Ankoran fleets, though since the onset of the war with The Grand Teyan Empire, it has become a spearhead vessel for counter-invasions as much as a mobile command center.


Though similar in silhouette to the Star Destroyers of the Cyrannus Galaxy, especially that of the Venator-class Star Destroyer employed by most irritations of the galaxy's major hyperpowers, the Apostasy-Class employs little to no technology of non-Andromedan origin. Having been designed to inspire awe and fear in onlookers, the distinctive profile of the vessel has been indisputably engineered in order to copy the looks of the Cyrannian vessels so famed for instilling dread and terror in their wake, though still possess the Ankoran motifs and design elements.


Similar to many star ships across Andromeda and beyond, the decks of the Apostasy-Class are arranged in a manner so that crews walk at an angle perpendicular to the primary direction of thrust, using artificial gravity generators to create a 'downwards' pull, equal to Usse's gravitational pull of 1.1Gs. This pull allows a seamless transition from space to a planet's surface when landing, as the gravity generators shut down, and true gravity takes its place. To compensate with the size of the vessel in comparison with other Ankoran ships, an internal train system ferries cargo back and forth between the front and bow of the ship.

The lowest series of decks, excluding the central engine cores, are primarily utility and cargo - supplies, air filtration, and fuel storage. Much of the ground-invasion forces vehicles will be stored in the lower cargo bays, where it is easiest to get them in and out of the ship.

In the middle regions of the ship, sleeping quarters, life support, and mess halls litter the ship, placed close to each major area of maintenance, where crew can eat without being taken too far away from their duties in an emergency situation. Gun batteries and hangers are also situated on this deck.

In the upper decks, the quarters and command centre for officers are located, each far more lavish and well-decorated than the barracks in the lower areas of the ship. Most of the upper ship is restricted access, and information on what happens within is a closely kept secret.


The primary offensive capabilities of the Apostasy-Class are visible front-and-center on the outer hull of the vessel - four pairs heavy power twin-cannons, capable of outputting high-calibre vollies of Ion-Pulses, which are capable of quickly overloading standard shielding technology under concentrated fire. Used mainly in cruiser-to-cruiser combat, each cannon posseses an immense fire-rate, and is highly powerful, though lacks the acuracy to combat smaller vessels.

Secondary Antimatter Rail-Cannons support these main guns, capable of ripping enemy bombers apart, and punturing both light and heavy armour is the next weapon the ship keeps in high quanity, scattering the ship's hull from nose to bow.

The third major weapon adorning the Apostasy-Class is a main Turbolaser battery, sitting emedded within the underside of the hull - powered by a single reactor, unconnected to the rest of the ship, the Turbolaser battery is capable of ripping through capital ships, though requires such a long time to charge, it is ineffective in any but extreme circumstances.


The first line of protection is a four-layer multimembrane non-phasic shield generator. To protect from strain and power outages, the generator is powered by a generator independent from the main reactor. These barriers use a priority generation system that prioritises the strength of the outermost layer, using backup energy to restore the field of collapsed barriers.

Under the multiple layers of shielding, a three-meter-thick hull of ceramite-alloys provide the Apostasy-Class with heavier armour than any Ankoran vessel before, incorporating plasteel alloys underneath to preserve heat insulation. This shielding is further bolstered by automatically self-reparing nanobot technologies, which utalise on-board resources to repair hull breaches in a manner not too dissimilar from 3D printing new armour into place.

Notable shipsEdit

The Empyrean DawnEdit

The HAN Empyrean Dawn is the personal command ship of Kavaat Sus, and the first Apostasy-Class cruiser to be constructed. It has been retrofitted with additional turrets, and possesses much heavier firepower and shielding than standard Apostasy-Class vessels.


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