The Anteras-class are were the main cargo vessels in service of the Rambo Nation Space Fleet. The class was eventually retired from active service and entirely sold to the Froramsilia Company Association that deploys them for their trade fleet.


The class was launched into active service in 2398 (400 BQF), during the Golden Age of Rambo Nation. In the following years, they became the main means of cargo transport for Rambo Command and transported huge amounts of cargo around the colonial sectors within the Quadrant Galaxies. For years, many older captains decided to serve one last term onboard these cargo freighter, having a chance again to visit the various colonies they once swore to protect onboard their battle cruisers.

An Anteras-class in orbit of an unspecified planet after resupplying a science station

For 400 years the Anteras-class did what it was meant to do without trouble, however the arrival of the Imperial Alliance during the Second Galactic War in 2798 (0 BQF) changed the fate of the Anteras-class. As the class was not equipped with weaponry, the role of blockade runners turned into a disaster as many ships were destroyed by the Imperials. Their numbers dwindled even more after a large part of the cargo fleet was destroyed during the Intergalactic War in 2799 (01 AQF).

After the war Rambo Command decided to sell the entire fleet to the Froramsilia Company Association that deployed the class for quite some time now as well. With special dispensation by Command the ships were allowed to keep their original names but the prefix of "USS" was to be removed.


The Anteras-class was constructed with a horizontal spaceframe, with a two warp-nacelle configuration typically favored by Rambo Nation for propulsion means. Jutting above and below the main construction were two large cargo holds, with the largest hold located below the hull. These cargo holds are the largest found within the Rambo Navy and can transport any cargo and goods, from weapons to living creatures. The forward living sections and bridge were located on the foremost position of the ship, together with crew and passenger acccommodation.

The class has two forward phasers and one aft phaser after modifications by the Company provided by the Saurien Sector Corporation. With it's warp drive and engineering section located in the back, the ship is capable of reaching warp speeds around Warp 5.

Notable ships[]

  • Antares
  • Froramsilia
  • Hermes
  • Nowlan
  • Senzig
  • Woden

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