The Space Station Angforst is the largest space station ever build by Rambo Nation and one of her kind. It is the most feared weapon of Rambo Nation. This massive weapon showed the might of the Rambo military, though known as explorers and peace-keepers it would show the Intergalactic Community that the Rambo had a powerful super weapon of her own. Sadly the three years of service of Angforst was turbulent and the full capabilities of Angforst were never shown to the public as it was destroyed before it could be effectively used.


Rambo Service (04 AQF - 07 AQF)[]

Angforst welcome by the USS Enterprise-A

The Angforst Space Station, better known as the Angforst is a massive space station constructed by Rambo Nation. Her construction started shortly after the Second Galactic War in 0 BQF. Four years later, in the 12th month of the year 04 AQF, better known as the first year of the Quadrantia Disorder.

The construction went smoothly, even integrating the Gyronic Reactors with the many Rambo Nation Warp drives went perfect, mostly due to the already experience with constructing the Suiliagothrond Class Battlestation. When in 04 AQF construction finally finished, she was fully operational, all weapon and defense systems up and running and the Commodore and Captain Ramikk moved the station out of the Metruia Nebula. Near the edges of the nebula the station was welcomed by Captain Rambo of the USS Enterprise-A.

The USS Enterprise-A joined the Angforst to Ivalaë, a planet located in the Chinawkya Sector and being the capital planet of that sector. A month ago the planet had fallen into hands of the Confederacy and now Rambo Nation wanted it back. Shortly before the battle Senator Chuinaylia was involved in a mission to save the Chairman of Ivalaë, Chiaoik.

Second Battle of Ivalaë

She did this mission together with a bounty hunter called Ktrn and they were saved with aid of captain Junelda of the USS Attentive and her cloacking abilities. When the station and the fleet arrived they engaged the Confederate fleet and it soon turned out (even without the aid of the station) the Rambo forces had the upperhand and the element of surprise. Still, the Commodore wanted to test one of the bombardment cannons and ordered it to be fired and low velocity. The beam cut straight through a Mortalitas Dreadnought and it opened a black hole and the position it was targeted at. The controlled black hole destroyed various Confederate frigates and a Providence class cruiser. After the battle the station moved herself back to the Metruia Nebula to await further orders and the second battle of Ivalaë turned into a victory for Rambo Nation.

A message shown to the Empire

When in 05 AQF in the sixth month the United Republic of Cyrannus was reformed in the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, an emergency session was held to inform the entire senate and Colonel Chodecra ordered the Angforst station to blockade the Quadrantia-Cyrannus wormhole. The Commodore was given orders to let none pass the wormhole coming from Cyrannus, and if needed he was allowed to destroy tresspassers. Another security measure was taken, the massive cannon was now loaded at 38 percent, and was allowed to be fired on the wormhole to temporaly close it when an enemey fleet arrived. However when two URC (or Empire) ships arrived (including the Senator) the Commodore requested an inspection. One of the Venator ships didn't agree and was destroyed by the sudden arrival of two Rambo ships. The Senator did allow and Space Marine Commander Shooter boarded the ship and arrested with his marine troopers the entire ship, including the captain. This was the first and final warning to the Empire, it showed the Rambo didn't gave the newly formed Empire the same priviliges the URC had, every URC/Empire ship within Rambo space was now considered hostile!

Battle of Angforst

Yet the station didn't see any action for weeks until the third month of the Dark Times, when the Republic colonies of Quadrant 82 attacked the station in an effort to prevent the closing of the wormhole leading to the Cyrannus Galaxy. The battle was fierce, with the Republic and Rambo showing both of their major ships and weapons. The battle also marked the fact that now the Rambo and Republic alliance had ended. During the battle one of the Phoenix-class cruiser of the URC managed to damage the rotating weapon of the Angforst, crippling the station and disabling the massive station.

Around the same time Angforst her commander perished in battle, believed due to an explosion in result of the destruction of the weapon, yet the turth was that the Commodore was killed by one of the Atlantica to prevent the closure as it would disbalance the order of the Quadrants. Further more, unknown to all Rambo Nation the Commodore turned out to be a member of the Dark Council of the Quadrantia Federation who was ordered to bring the weapon to Quadrant 21 so that the Federation could siege the massive weapon. As such the plan was thwarted and Angforst was left without her commander. In the aftermath of the battle of Angforst the station was under repair until the weapon was active again, as such the massive Cyrandia fleet still lies between the towers of Angforst.

Mortikran lies siege to Angforst

Sadly after Rambo Nation was defeated by the Galactic Empire they were forced to sign the Concordat which made Rambo Nation a protectrate of the Empire. Angforst was recalled to the Rambo Capital where it was stationed in orbit, where the cannon was fixed. With the removal from her former position the Quadrantia-Cyrannus wormhole was once again open and later on all of Rambo Nation fell under the Empire her protectrate, even the colonial sector in Q89 and Q21.

Angforst become the main office of the newly appointed Grand Mandator Garlboz and became a sign of the Empire her newfound power over Rambo Nation. When 02 NE started the massive station remained in orbit of the Rambo Capital and continued it's protectrate role over the Capital. Due to her massive size is also gained an additional role- acting as a secondary docking port for Imperial Navy vessels.

Battle near Rambo Prime

During the 12th month of 06 AQF, the station came under siege by defecting Imperial officer Mortikran, a massive battle raged between the spiral towers of Angforst. Gaining victory over the Imperial vessels, Garlboz joined Mortikran and took the station and a small task force towards Rambo Prime to close the wormhole leading to the Milky Way Galaxy, preventing the powerful Delpha Coalition of Planets of ever entering the Quadrant Galaxies from their own galaxy. Arriving near Rambo Prime, the local space station was destroyed when it simply chrashed into the rings of Angforst, killing hundreds of personell. However, before they could destroy the wormhole a joined task force of Imperial and Rambo vessels managed to engage Garlboz' fleet, defeat them and board the station. Cornered, Garlboz was apprehended and placed under arrest. The station was to remain under guard of House Ramcelsior, Angforst was to take over the role of the former Rambo Prime-station, guarding the wormhole plateau, protecting Rambo Nation territory against possible threats form beyond and acting as a diplomatic and trading station for those who wish to enter the Quadrants.

End of Ramtainus and the Angforst?

During the first month of 07 AQF, vice-admiral Ramtainus Ramveral took command of Angforst without informing Rambo Command and decided to aid the Chavelli after a Rambo Nation Hecatoncheir-Class was destroyed by a mythical Quashowan-dreadnought. Believing the Angforst was well capable of dealing with the threat, Ramtainus and a joined Chavelli-Rambo fleet engaged the dreadnought near Aecor. As the dreadnought opened fire at Angforst while it was power up her main weapon, it created a massive anomaly that torn apart the massive station, buckeling the station fell apart while the dreadnought destroyed the other vessels in the fleet.

As such, in 07 AQF, the first month Rambo Nation lost her most powerful assest to a single dreadnought!

Technical Data[]


The role of the Angforst is actually quite diverse. As a massive space station, it can act as a re-supply and stop for tourists and spaceships. The station provides various malls, cinema's, swimmingpools, holodecks, cafetaria and more. As such the station has her own small economy and is a highly wanted location to visit. However the location to visit the station can variery upon her action in battle, but mostly she is found somewhere at the populair trade route, Ramsoria Run. Often between the Mid Colonial Sector and the Badlands Colonial Sector the station has her prime location.

Another role is to resupply and give small repairs to spaceships of the Rambo navy that have been in combat. It can resupply them with torpedoes, batteries and even new warp cores. As such the station also acts as a mobile emergency shipyards when needed.

The third role the station has is that of a large and mobile battlestation. Capable of firing a massive weapon of destruction it sends fears among Rambo Nation her enemies and even her allies fear the station. The massive weapon can fire a powerful beam which can have two results.

The massive rotating weapon close up

One option can open a small black hole, as powerful like the Vortex torpedoes. The other option is to fire a beam which results in anomalies, ripping apart the space continuum around that area. However after the weapon is turned down the anomalies will vanish and space will repair herself.

Weapon and defense systems[]

As said above, the powerful weapon can fire a beam which can result in either a black hole or unleash dangerous anomalies. Of the massive weapon only one excists in all of Rambo Nation and is equipped on the Angforst, it can rotate a 180 degress to find the target. Though firing the weapon costs a lot of energy and can even weaken the shields.

Further more the station is equipped with four bombardment cannons which can be found around the towers and the bridge as protection. 35 torpedo bays and 185 phaser cannons. To power up all the weapons and to be able to use warp or transwarp the station has been equipped with 15 warp drives and 8 Gyronic Reactors.

The station also has 75 shield generators, which protect the station from harm.


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Notable Individuals[]

As the Angforst is large and massive, she holds a variety of crewmembers and Rambo Troopers. The most influential and notable are listed in the section below, together with their functions and roles at the station.

Commodore † (Dark Councillor)
Commodore (QF).png
  • Name:Commodore (Dark Councillor)
  • Age: Unknown
  • Race: Humanoid
  • Trivia: Dark Councillor, Infriltrant of Rambo Nation, Commodore in the Rambo Navy, Commander of Angforst

The Commodore was a double agent for the Quadrantia Federation who served in the Navy of Rambo Nation.

During his carreer in the Nation he recieved the Commodore rank and as such became only known as the Commodore- always wearing his dark armor. What the Nation didn't knew was that he was an ancient member of the Dark Council and even served under King Bohdaria before the forming of the second Quadrantia Federation. Upon the forming he infriltrated the ranks of Rambo Nation. As such he was able to inform the Federation Dark Council with vital information about their influance, plans for the exploration of Quadrant 21 and their current affairs with various enemies.

When the Commodore recieved command of the Angforst King Bohdaria ordered him to close the Quadrantia-Cyrannus Wormhole if possible. With the wormhole closed the Federation would inform the Rambo that the planet Zevia holds a second entrance into the Quadrants from Cyrannus. They would then send the Angforst there to close it as well or to guard the area. Upon that the Federation would siege Angforst for their own. Yet the plan was thwarted when the Commodore was killed by the Atlantica Horus during the Clash of the Gods.



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