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- Fleet Admiral Willelmus Cretacea

The Aether-class corvette, also known as the Hammerhead-class corvette is a light warship utilised by the naval forces of the New Cyrannian Republic since the early days of the Cyrannian Cold War. Swift, formidable and flexible, the Aether-class is favoured by officers who specialise in a variety of roles, including blockade running and providing cover for larger Star Destroyers. Indeed, the Aether-class lacks the firepower to go up against Imperial warships, though can utilise pack strategies to bring down larger dreadnoughts.

The distinctive profile of the Aether-class is a familiar one to Cyrannian military historians, being reminiscent of similar vessels utilised by the First Republic millennia before the Great Cyrannus War. Considered second only to the Venator-class Star Destroyer in terms of success within the Republic Navy, two iterations of the class were developed, with the second, the Aether II-class corvette outfitted to be the fastest design within the Republic, designed for the coming Second Great Cyrannus War with the Empire.


Early HistoryEdit

The Aether-class was designed by noted Auilámii shipwright Xoh Octon for Coruaan Star Yards, the largest shipbuilding corporation operating in New Republic space. Octon based the design on the Tantalus-class star frigate utilised by the First Republic and the Federation of United Worlds, various iterations of which continued to serve various factions in the galaxy for many centuries.

Though intended to be introduced for use during the pivotal Siege of Vasuband, they would be delayed for two months due to increased demand for the far larger Liberator-class Star Dreadnought as well as the upgraded Phoebus-class Star Destroyer. They would ultimately be commissioned soon after the beginning of the Cyrannian Cold War as the primary escort ship and blockade runner operating in the Republic Navy, with hundreds of vessels, most notably the Mou'Llhei Star serving in the Neraida War.

By 0 BQF (2798), the Space in Between company Ekimu Enterprises illegally acquired design schematics of the Aether-class corvettes and Re-designined the original design, resulting in the smaller but similair Hammerhead-class.

Second Great Cyrannus WarEdit

Battle of Thaehos

The corvette Aurora escapes the Battle of Thaehos.

The class underwent an extensive refit in 15 NE, with increased engine power and a reinforced hull, allowing it to ram enemy ships with minimal damage. Simultaneously, a more advanced iteration of the class, dubbed the Aether II-class corvette was introduced, with larger engines and a sleeker profile, designed to outrun Imperial vessels and patrol the vast stretches of often chaotic Republic territory during the opening years of the Second Great Cyrannus War. The older iteration of the class, renamed the Aether I-class corvette, continued service as a more heavily armoured variant, with many falling into the hands of various cells of the Cyrandia Resistance.

Notable VesselsEdit


The most important asset of the Aether-class corvette is arguably its flexibility. Various iteration of the design can be easily modified for specialised functions, including that of a troop transport, a blockade runner, a front-line warship or a patrol ship along the vast borders of the Republic. Most corvettes possess two heavy turbolaser batteries on the forward facing "hammerhead" hull, giving it a deadly front-profile capable of dealing heavy damage to enemy ships. This section of the hull is the most heavily armoured, allowing it to ram enemy vessels with minimal damage to the corvette.

Throughout the hull, turbolasers, ion cannons, missile launchers of varying payloads and point defence lasers dot the super structure, providing protection against attacks which the main batteries may not be able to counter. Nevertheless, the firepower of the Aether-class is not sufficient to hold its own against large warships, thus necessitating the grouping of other corvettes or more deadly warship designs to compensate for this weakness. However, under the command of captains such as N'vae Celeneos, the Aether-class can be a formidable foe, responsible for the demise of more than one overconfident Star Destroyer commander.


Aether I-class corvette


Aether II-class corvette



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