The Acclamator-class is a troop-transport frigate originally in service of Rambo Nation. Acting as it's prime troop-transport at the frontlines, it became a valuable assest for Rambo Command. Though also sees service in the navy of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.


Rambo Acclamators

Three Rambo Nation variants

For years Rambo Nation relied on it's navy to explore space, defend it's territories and Rambo interessts. After devastating wars like the Second Galactic War in 0 BQF and the Intergalactic War in 01 AQF, Rambo Nation saw the need raise an army of their own as the Rambo lacked an ground army. As such the Rambo Nation Clone Trooper Army (RNCTA) intiative was started, as they were to come into service, they required a troop transport of their own. Due to the Cyrandia Alliance and the United Republic of Cyrannus well known designs like the Venator-class Star Destroyer, Rambo Nation decided to build their own dagger like ship as well.

Construction started at the Shipyards of Rowar and the first fleet of Acclamator-class reached completion in 05 AQF (02 NE), shortly after the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus placed Rambo Nation under it's "protectrate". It soon proved to be an effective and reliable class, resulting an offer made by Empress Ramashe to give the design to the shipyards of Cyroenia as well, so the class could serve within the Imperial Navy as well. This gesture of peace and willingness by the Rambo were well recieved by the Imperial Senate and production soon started afterwards.

A modified version was seen in the Finduila Sector under command of Schout bij Nacht Jan Michiel Tasman who, together with his crew managed to steal it from an Imperial salvage yard and modify it.


The Acclamator-class follows the design of the star-destroyers mostly seen in the Cyrannus Galaxy. The Acclamator class favores a wedge or dagger shaped design, like the URC warships and is a homage to the fallen URC- often for that reason called the Rambo Accclamators.

The Rambo Nation versoin is equipped with Rambo shields, four forward phaser banks and multiply phaser cannons. This allows the ship to both act as cruiser and as transport. Though when in battle, it needs protection form escort vessels, as the ship isn't as agile as other Rambo vessels and an easy target for larger ships. As troop transport various ships are colored with their own colors- Red (27th regiment - capital defense), yellow (302th regiment), blue (187th regiment) and other colors as well. The Acclamator-class can be commandeered by both clone troopers and personnel from the space fleet.

The Acclamator-class in service of the Imperial Navy lacks any coloration and is grey colored. It weapons armanent is far differant as the Imperial variant is equipped with Heavy turbolaser cannons, Heavy ion cannons, Tractor beam projectors, Medium and light turbolasers, Vortex Torpedoes and Hyperspace Missile Launchers.

Notable ShipsEdit

Rambo Nation
  • USS Agressor
  • USS Aken (27th regiment)
  • USS Anvil (187th regiment)
  • USS Candesseri
  • USS Coronet (27th regiment)
  • USS Danticore (27th regiment)
  • USS Dominance
  • USS Founder (302th regiment)
  • USS Galactic Guardrian (187th regiment)
  • USS Implacable (27th regiment)
  • UUSS Leveler (187th regiment)
  • USS Marauder
  • USS Odeaon (302th regiment)
  • USS Sea Legacy
  • USS Sundiver (27th regiment)
Galactic Empire of Cyrannus
  • ICS Acclamator
  • ICS Quadrantia
  • ICS Cyrannia


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