The Legatus All Terrain Defense Pod, also known as the AT-DP was a bipedal Imperial Walke rmanufactured by Ekimu Enterprises and part of the Legatus'motor-pool within the Army. They often supported ground troopers or the larger AT-AT in combat formations.

It was armed with a single cannon and considered ideal for patrols within populated areas.


In part of the Quadrantia Contingency Plan, the Legatus employed the Ekimu Enterprises to design, construct and mass produce the AT-DP walkers for the newly formed Legatus Army. Resembling the Armoured Assault Walkers-line of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, the AT-DP became an effective tool within the Legatus motor-pool to enforce their might in both patrol, support and offensive roles.


The AT-DP walker, a succesor within the walker line formerly seen active within the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus army, served as the mainstay of backbwater garrisons and support for larger machines lke the AT-AT in offensive situations. The AT-DP was armed with only a single heavy laser cannon, powerful enough to destroy another walker of the same type. The cockpit had seating for a driver and a gunner, each walker had a hatch at the top to access the cockpit, a main viewport at the front with bulbs on the side and slits to improve visibility.

Each walker was equipped with armor storng enough to protect is from blaster fire and light shells. The legs were the most vulnrable part of the vehicle.

In situations where a Legatus presence needed to be established quickly and powerfully, twp walkers could be attached to the underside docking clamps of a Gozanti-class cruiser for landing in almost any suitable environment.

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