The Advanced Space-Superiority Platform/line Starfighter, commonly known as an ASP fighter, is the mainstay space superiority starfighter utilised by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and its remnants.

The descendant of the ASP/i starfighter utilised by the Empire during the early days of the Dark Times, the ASP/ln fighter is the product of continual evolution in starfighter design. Though less advanced the New Republic's X-15 starfighter, ASPs, when deployed in large numbers, are deadly foes. Though initially produced by Cyroenian System Yards, upon the end of the New Cyrandia Wars, the Empire awarded the primary contract to the newly established Cortellier-Ordvestar Engineering in the Outer Rim. Nevertheless, even the smallest Imperial shipyards have facilities to mass produce the fighters.

ASP fighters are ubiquitous throughout Imperial space, even in distant territories such as Legatus Finduilica. However, lacking a hyperdrive, they are equipped only for short-range missions, though unlike previous models of the ASP line, on-board deflector shields are installed on each, with further technological innovations implemented as the Second Great War continued on.


Designed during the early years of the Empire's reign, the ASP fighter largely replaced the older ASP/i starfighter as the mainstay space superiority fighter of the Empire when it was introduced in 03 NE. Though mass-produced and often utilised in swarm tactics against enemy positions, Imperial tacticians, while openly espousing the power of massive Star Destroyers in force projection, treated and honed ASP pilots as indispensable military assets, establishing numerous flight schools across Imperial space solely for future pilots of ASP/ln fighters.

ASP fighters dogfighting against Resistance Advanced ReCon fighters.

Deployed in the millions during the New Cyrandia Wars and the Second Great Cyrannus War, the ASP/ln fighter was continually upgraded with the latest technological developments, many of which were ultimately carried over into its elite counterpart, the ASP/Ic interceptor, when it was first developed during the first year of the Second Great War.

Following the Empire's collapse and the subsequent splintering of Imperial space into numerous feuding factions, ASP fighters continued to be used by most, though few possessed the facilities necessary to construct new ASPs, relying instead on those already in their possession.


Though small and easy to produce, the ASP/ln starfighter has proven to be one of the most successful fighter designs in the history of the Gigaquadrant, and are widely considered, along with the Imperator-class Star Destroyer, to be the most iconic symbols of the Empire's dominance. While less versatile than the fighters of the Republic, ASP fighters are faster and more manoeuvrable, and while they lack an onboard hyperdrive or powerful deflector shields, its armour provides protection against heavy enemy fire.

Housing a single pilot, the ASP/ln fighter is equipped with two lxf-1 light laser cannons for use against enemy starfighters and ground targets, as well as two proton torpedo tubes, which can allow the starfighter to be used effectively on small capital ships, provided that they have an escort of their own.

As the archetypical starfighter of the Empire, the ASP fighter has gone on to inspire dozens of variants utilised through Imperial space, including the ASP Defender and the ASP Vulture.


  • Based on the iconic TIE fighter in Star Wars.

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