The Advanced Space Superiority Platform - V, also known as the ASP-V or the Vulture was an unique model of ASP starfighter in service of the Legatus. This model is specifically designed by the Legatus for speed and one purpose only, to engage enemy ships and disable its engines to prevent escape. Armed with at least 4 Transphasic Torpedoes, enemy ship captains underestimate the ASP-V only once.


The Advanced Space Superiority Platform - V, the ASP-V fighter were constructed around the same time as the ASP-IV by the Legatus Finduilica but saw limited use throughout the Second Great Cyrannus War and the Dawn of Divina-events due to a lack of production and favour for the ASP-IV.

However, by 2830 this changed and the ASP-V became standard onboard Legatus Star Cruisers and Star Destroyers for their effective use of disabling engines and fulfilling the role as bomber as the Legatus itself have no designated bomber aircraft.


The Advanced Space Superiority Platform - V, the ASP-V fighter was part of the ASP-line of starfighters commonly found within the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and associated remnants. It featured flat, pointed wings specially designed for space and in-atmosphere combat. However it was not as fast as an ASP-IV or Defender.

The fighter was heavily armed, sporting four pairs of laser barrels and phasic torpedoes that were particularly effective against vehicle units, dealing heavy damage over a large area and capable of disabling enemy ships engines with ease. The vehicle also held at least 16 proton bombs capable of area bombarding and were deployed from a hatch at the craft's underside.

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