The Advanced Space Superiority Platform - IV, also known as the ASP IV or the Avenger is an unique model of ASP starfighter in service of the Legatus Finduilica and later the Legatus.


ASPIV in combat against Cobra-class starfighters, September 2820

The Advanced Space Superiority Platform - IV, better known as the ASP-IV or the Avenger was constructed at the same time as the Autokrator-class star destroyers. The class proved vital for the Legatus Finduilica and its succes was seen during the occupation of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

The class, as the standard starfigher assigned to Legatus starships saw action in many conflicts throughout the Dawn of Divina and Twilight of Divina-events where it suffered defeats but also achieved victories of the Rambo Loyalist. After the forming of the Legatus the starfighter became their most common starfighter.

During the battle of Pauvenris, an ASP-IV managed to shoot down the Cobra-class starfighter of RN-2242 (Zabiela).


The ASP IV starfighter is operated by a single pilot. Unique to the model is a single bed within its already cramped space to provide lodging for the pilot if they have to land at areas without proper lodging facilities. Often carried by other space craft into battle, the ASP-IV is equipped with a short range hyperdrive to allow jumps between planets. The hyperdrive allows the craft to make two to three short range hyperspace jumps until the fuel runs out.

This allows the ASP-IV to operate further away from their command vessels compared to other ASP-class fighters and as such is the most common and manouverable fighter within the Legatus arsenal. It is also equipped with limited shielding.

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