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The ASP-DR or Advanced Superiority Platform - Droid Fighter, is an automated and mass produced version of the ASP fighter line, designed to compensate for the lack of man power and numbers of other empires, and allow for Imperial Remnants like the New Empire and Second Imperium to maintain their fighter numbers, using these swarms of automated, unmanned machines to swarm and overwhelm their targets, and allow their organic fighters a better chance of getting away from dog fights and such without being shot down or destroyed. Though used before the Fall of the Empire by certain Star Destroyers like the Aedile, the ASP-DR truly became a favored fighter among the Diadochi as manpower and resources for veteran fighters began to dry up among the competing Warlord factions. After the peace, it became favored for Fleets to use to launch scouting and patrol duties, as the droid fighters would be destroyed and lost, then easily replaced on a level of attrition that organic fighters simply couldn't compete with, while having the fire power in more advanced dog fights to destroy their foes in fighters easily, or at least overwhelm heartier fighters that could take more damage.

ASP Droid Fighters have become common within the Imperial Remnants, serving alongside organic counterparts like the ASP Fighters and Interceptors in dog fights, and programmed with advanced strategic overlays and memory systems that enable them to quickly make decisions and movements with predictive analysis and judgement, even deciding to crash straight into enemies when they feel the situation will warrant it.


Early Use[]

ASP-Droid Fighters were developed early in the Empire's history, and were used by vessels such as the Aedile and other Star Destroyers to boast numbers and overwhelm targets. The Drone fighters were designed as simple, disposable assets, thrown at targets with reckless abandon and kept to act in ways organic pilots could not, such as scouting and pursuing their foes through asteroid fields, scouting into atmospheres and systems that no organic pilot could do so. The ASP-DR was based and built on the drone fighters pioneered by the Draconis Empire loyalists, and were built with systems and shielding in place that would let them accomplish their goals and actions that wouldn't fit or would be more expensive on the organic-piloted fighters in the ASP Line. Still, the attitude remained that, to keep the Empire's military might strong and not rely on soulless automatons like the Neraida Gigamatrix, ASP Drone Fighters would remain minor, scout and recon units and disposable fodder in dog fights, the piloted fighters kept for important missions.

After the Great Battle of Orbispira, the loss of the Fighter Corps was keenly felt, and as the fighting went on throughout the end of the Second War, the Imperial Warlords and Despots relied more and more upon automated fighters to make up for their numbers and keep their veteran pilots alive. This became common in smaller or poorer Warlord Kingdoms without the resources and ability ton construct and train new fighters to replace the rate of attrition, and ASP-DR's became the common, go-to fighter/interceptor to make war upon their rivals and the New Cyrannian Republic, though their fall would come sooner or later.

The Warlords that remained would use ASP-Droid fighters to bulk up their forces as, like those in the New Empire and the Second Imperium, manpower was still an issue despite their superior size and breadth of resources compared to other Warlords. In time, these fighters would be used to overwhelm enemy forces, as the two Diadochi Kingdoms relied more on their fighters and their skills then on past Imperial Naval arrangements of overwhelming firepower, large ships and ship-to-ship combat.


Weapons and Defenses[]

Equipment and workings[]

The pod that makes up the main body of the fighter, where the pilot usually sits, is the central targeting computer, able to predict where an enemy will go or move next, modify their own movements and begin firing on their targets, and become better and better at doing this as they become more acclimated to their foes and evolve to better predict them. The longer a battle goes, the better a ASP-DR will become. Their CPU programming is coldly logical, recognizing that, yes their existence is one of disposability and such, and will often crash into other fighters when they become too damaged, or send themselves into enemy capital ships en masse to destroy them all the faster.

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  • Based on TIE Droid from Legends and the Canon counterpart of the Auto-Fighter.
  • The infobox image was, again, created by Dinoman, who works overtime to carry my fiction.