This is a glossary for my fiction, which uses a wide variety of terms.

Fictional terms Edit

  • Blue alert - A warning system which activates on DCP vessels.
  • Configuration Space - A six-dimensional Phase Space which contains all possible configurations of the universe, all timelines, all universes of different constants from the same inflationary stock.
  • Cooperative - The Civilisation.
  • Council of War - The multi-member body that decides who the DCP will fight.
  • DCP - Acronym for the Delpha Coalition of Planets.
  • Demon World, the - Fahler.
  • Essence - An underlying connection between the mental and physical worlds. Mind/Matter equivalence.
  • EI - Emergent Intelligence that was created from simpler systems without intent from another entity.
  • Ghosting, Ghosted - A DCP ship hidden by ghost phase technology.
  • Godtech - A technology which works on principles and/or for applications unknown to a civilisation.
  • Hypermatter - See Kaluza-Klein particles.
  • Mandible rot - A condition that can afflict Grimbolsaurians who do not clean their mandibles. Analogous to tooth decay.
  • Metric technology - Extremely advanced technology which can manipulate spacetime, typical of Tier 1 civilisations, however, Tier 4 warp drives and Tier 2 wormholes qualify as metric technology.
  • Plazith Rim - Grimbolsaurian name for the Milky Way.
  • T Shift - A DCP FTL drive in operation.
  • The Manifold - See Configuration Space.
  • Tier - The measure of technology and scale a civilisation has established.
  • Time's Terminal (or Omegapoint) - The end of the causal universe, applies to several modes of the universe in configuration space: Big Crunch, return to symmetry, destruction at a singularity or heat death.
  • Truly Alien - Unusual composition, environment, mentality or all together.
  • Unseen Entity - A thing at which it can be best described.
  • Warlord - One of the highest titles in the DCP, awarded to clones of the Emperor or trusted military heroes who can command some of their own territory.
  • Xenosociety - A non-human form of social ordering.

Scientific terms Edit

  • AI - Artificial Intelligence of any design.
  • Anthropocentric - Humanlike mentality, I often use the term "sapience" in it's place to designate a humanlike mind.
  • Chirality - Asymmetrical properties of objects in physics.
  • Communality - Term created by Robert A. Freitas Jr. that refers to a higher emergent mind that consciousness, something akin to a collective.
  • Emergent - The tendency for complexity to arise out the sum of all it's parts. Weak emergence is reducible, while strong emergence creates new irreducible qualities. I.e. consciousness emerging from neurons.
  • Extralike - An extra metric coordinate in spacetime discovered by the DCP, used for Ghost Phasing.
  • Glasma - A plasma analog that forms at temperatures high enough to break down baryons into a free soup of quarks and gluons.
  • GUT - Grand Unified Temperatures, sometimes achieved by metric engineering.
  • Kaluza-Klein particles (see hypermatter) - Virtual particles that have more degrees of freedom in the large extra dimensions of hyperspace, which allows them to occupy energy levels impossible in realspace, and when brought to realspace, they decay, which makes for an awesome powersource.
  • NDM - Acronym for Neutron Degenerate Matter.
  • Sapience - Anthropocentric thought.
  • Sentience - An entity with mentality emergent enough for self-awareness and percieved free-will, and usually considered intelligent and creative with a complex language. Sentience can however be non-anthropic, or act on slower or faster rates of time.
  • Sentience Quotient, SQ - Developed by Robert A. Freitas Jr. it is a spectrum that measures the information processing rate (bit/s) of each individual processing unit (neuron), the weight/size of a single unit and the total number of processing units (expressed as mass).
  • SI - Swarm Intelligence, natural or artificial.
  • Singularity - Levels of technological progress from which development becomes expotential. Sometimes applied to cognition, however, there can only be one cognitive singularity: universality.
  • Spacelike - An interval that separates two events which are not communicable below or at speed of light. The order of events however can be swapped by reference frames relative to each other.
  • Timelike - An interval that causally seperates two events.
  • Universality - Coined by David Deutsch. The ability for certain complex systems to exhibit features of another system via abstraction. "The chemical scum that dreamed of distant quasars" --David Deutsch.
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