Here, I am attempting to write a timeline for all of my fiction, and how, each story relates to each other. It is an overview of all my fiction, and this page links every piece of fiction I, or others have written, and shows how they are related, as well as a chance more me to retconn any inconsistencies. This is distinct from the DCP's history, the main history page and its subpages for the coalition goes into far more detail, and is only related to my DCP fiction. Also see the SporeWiki Fiction Universe History, for a complete timeline of the Sporewikiverse.

Timeless symmetry Edit

Timelessness, is what some would call the lack of time and others a deeper texture of existence below space and time. The Cephalodians would argue that there is no time, that reality is defined by the observation of life, and thus, there was and is only Cosmospawn. Others believed the universe is part of a seething froth of eternal inflation, or that the universe reaches a point of geometric symmetry where beginning and end makes no difference.

Big Bang and expansion Edit

From this symmetry there was a deviation that caused it to shatter (of a cause not agreed by everyone the universe, as the Cephalodian believe Cosmospawn caused it). Some dimensions expanded spatially while others remained tensed. As the universe filtered through these dimensions, symmetries could be described as fields universal through spacetime. Waves traveled through these fields who's properties were characterised by them. The symmetries dictated that each property in the field (quantities such as particles/waves) had conserved values.

This defined the Planck Epoch (10–43 of a second). The separation of dimensions could also been seen as a transformation, and superforce that governed the era had to give, to conserve the energy of the universe (10–43 and 10–36 of a second after the Big Bang). The universe began to cool as the forces separated, setting in motion an engine of disorder.

  • God's Gate forms (10-38th of a second) - A spherical wormhole is frozen in spacetime, and traps some of the Grand Unified Force which will eventually evolve into quantum life in its inner horizon. Meanwhile, supersymmetry breaks and quark=gluon plasma forms.
  • The Quest for Cosmospawn (10−12th of a second) - The Cephalodians find evidence that the Xhodocto were already present, and believe the Xhodocto to be Cosmospawn.
  • The survey (First 1 and 10 seconds) - Transapients accidentally cause matter/antimatter asymmetry that dominates the universe.

After three minutes, Nucleosynthesis begins as the universe continued to cool, and with 377,000 years matter had combined. The universe also began to become transparent.

Stelliferous eon Edit

But after a billion years, the first stars began to shine, their nuclear furnaces fusing heavier elements, making most forms of life possible.

Primordial era - 13.7 to 1 million years ago Edit

The first stars were far heavier than the fusion crucibles that will be known to the modern SporeWiki nations. These stars were roamed by the first civilizations, both native and external to the universe, such as the Omnipotent Four, Krass, Grox, First Ones, Transapients and now dormant AI's ruled, beneath them, the planets of modern times formed with life beginning to develop.

Archaic era Edit

Modern Era 700 years ago to SporeWiki meridian Edit

SporeWiki meridian is the percieved "now" of the events in the SporeWikiverse, even if "now" is really irrelevant in the flow of time.

Future of an expanding universe Edit

The future exists in a sea of probability, events in the quantum world - perhaps by observation - perhaps not, define what timelines an observer will navigate to. This is the time of The Legacy and beyond.

NOTE! The Destinies in time is not the only timeline, although, it is a likely one (and my most worked one). Many others could exist or happen, ones where the DCP is conquered, another where the Quantumhorde win, or the Xhodocto's Scourge wipes out the universe. Another is the possibilty of a False Vacuum decaying the universe.

Destinies in time - Next 10 billion years Edit

  • Establishment of AI Network (1 year) - New AI's ally with ancient Tier 0 superbrains and become the secret watchers of the galaxy. After two centuries, the Network is corrupted by an Unseen Force and assummues full control of the natives of the First Gigaquadrant. The DCP didn't back down for long...
    • Horizon Part 1 - Exodus to the edge of forever (330 years) - The DCP had fallen, conquered by the Network.
    • Horizon part 2 - Return of the Time Ships (332 years) - After Mission Exodus, the DCP arrive from the future and surprise attack the AI Network, destroying it. The DCP recovers again.
    • Two Nations (500 years) - Due to the Exodus, a Globus Cassus Worldlet is left behind, and after 200 years its natives evolved...
    • The DCP becomes fully Postsapient (800 years) - Using AI Network remnants, the descendants evolve into a higher intelligence. The DCP is absorbed into "The Civilization", and becomes a high Tier 1 rivalling even the most powerful non-Tier 0 civilizations.

  • The Descendants reach Technological Singularity (2000 years and throughout the future) - And become a collective of Transapient Minds, called the Big Collective Consciousness. It is now, the BCC realized that an Unseen Entity was after them. The BCC moves into a higher dimension and becomes almost a Timeless, Tier 0 civilization.
  • Holographic reality and many other battles (Another universe) - The BCC eventually realizes it is losing slowly.
    • The Core takes place (4 million years) - The BCC creates The Core, and placed re-created Grimbolsaurians in order to survive if they lose.
    • SE AI Registery Mark 1 is created (10 million years)
    • Planet of Whispers is created (25 million years)
  • Chilius becomes a red giant (2.7 billion years) - AI's activate and start moving Mirenton into a cooler orbit. Unfortunatly, they malfunction, Caphoberok, its moon did not move, and Mirenton become tidally docked. Solar radiation melted one side of the planet, but the other remained cool. Microbial life survived for another hundred million years before Mirenton bursts from radiation pressure. Descendant life continues to survive across the stars.
  • Milky Way and Andromeda merge (3 billion years)
  • Time's Terminal (10 billion years) - A Naked Singularity occurs in all timelines, causing them to converge. Most Tier 1, 0 cicilizations and gods flee the universe, But the Omnipotent 4, BCC and Unseen Entity become the final observers. The BCC created a paradox to destroy the singularity, sacrificing itself (and vanishing), while the Omnipotent 4 is destroyed. The War Of Ages ends (except maybe Xhodocto and the Krass's descendants). But the Unseen entity had won, its enemy was gone.

  • Time of the Heglarians (10 billion years) - The Grimbolsaurian Time Dilation ships (from the exploration era) reach the distant future (by time dilation) and after a few centuries evolve. The Heglarians eventually discover an ancient relic of the BCC.
  • Home among stars (10 billion years) - The Hafvor embark on a great quest to fix their malfunctioning SE AI Stellar Engine, in which they evolved in as their closed universe.
  • DCP ships arrive from the past in the Exodus mission, carring the wormhole back in time (250 billion years)

Degenerate Era - Next 100 trillion to 1040 years Edit

  • The Last Haven (300 trillion years) - One of the last surviving worlds, and a chance to escape a dying universe.

Black Hole era - Next 1040 to 10100 years Edit

  • God's Gate decays (10100 years) - Due to Hawking Radiation, God's Gate decays releasing GUTmatter back into the universe.

Dark Era - From 10100 - 101500 - 101076 years and BEYOND Edit

  • Deep Time (10100 years) - Transapients visit the far future. At this, its near-absolute zero, and information process is slow. This means time seemed to slow down for the Minds, enough for them to see rare quantum events unfold around them, such as baby universes inflate, wormholes spawn randomely out of the void, and cold iron stars pass through each other. They escape through a wormhole, but as the last obsevers leave, the universe settled back wave of un-collapsed probabilities, every variation of existence became one state.
  • Heat death

Eventually, the universe expanded to such a tremenous size, that the last particle in existence, the lowly photon, was so seperated they barely ever interacted, each photon was now in the same state of energy. This was the death of heat. The universe settled into this state, forever, forever, forever...

0 time - Return to perfect symmetry Edit

An Earth physicist once suggested that since the photon had no speed and no mass, it therefore did not obey the same geometry of spacetime as all particles before Heat Death did, causing the universe's size to become meaningless. Whatever is true upon the shores of Time's Terminal, it became equivalent to the perfect symmetry that preceded all of time, and the tides were rolling out once more!

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