I have had fiction on SporeWiki since late 2008, when I started with the Delpha Coalition of Planets, which is still my main interacting civilization. Yes, it would not be until mid to late 2009 when I returned to my fiction with the cofounding of the Seven Starr Alliance, and being the third member of the War of Ages, two prime fictions which led to the Fiction Universe. Since being a major part of the universes structure, the DCP has great importance. My fiction has since been expanding into Spore and Youtube.

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SporeWiki Fiction Universe - Basic Introduction Edit

  • Fiction themes

Most of my fiction is as original as I can make them. Inspiration comes from scientific discoveries and ideas, but also my imagination, very little is derived from other fictions. It is plagurism-free, being unique to me, even if some similarities arise from authors or wiki-wrirtes who have cottoned on to similar ideas. My fiction also stays up to date with other users fiction, often sharing their story arcs, terminology and ideas.

Other than some of the collaborative fiction that I do with other users, most of my fiction involving the DCP, both collaborative and non-collaborative are in a Hard Science Fiction setting (see science fiction grading, likely the plausibly hard grade). This means there is a certain amount of realism involved (with some speculative modifications). In some of my hard science fiction story arcs, like Destinies in time, feature various plots from themes such as transapience, technological singularities, theoretical physics, exotic mathematics, realistic yet advanced technologies, exobiology and even touching more speculative philosophies such as the multidimensionality of spacetime, Holographic principle, digital philosophy, simulism, quantum ontology, free will, exploring meaning/meaniglessness of existence which complex areas of science sometimes leads to. Quantum mechanics plays a huge role in my fiction, from ideas of universal wavefunction to the uncertainty principle. My fiction actually assumes two major interpretations of QM are true, the Copenhagan interpretation and the Many Worlds interpretation. For my Cephalodians, my fiction follows a more Copenhagan view, such as the Biocentric universe (see Cosmospawn, while the DCP, The Legacy and Realities Altered follow the Many Worlds idea (either being in a possible but not definate branch of the future with The Legacy or a timeline already split from the main one in Realities Altered). Since both races coexist, this indicates there is yet a deeper theory yet to be told...

My fiction takes a rather athiestic view to the SporeWikiverse. The gods of some other users fiction, in my fiction's viewpoint, are simply very powerful yet not omnipotent intelligences, realms of existence being mental spaces and supernatural phenomena such as Essence, not so supernatural to a spacefaring society with far vaster knowledge in all philosophies. However, I have created a vital estoric energy, called elemental energy, based on eastern philosophies such as Taoism and chi.

  • Delpha Coalition of Planets intro (themes:hard sci-fi, collab fiction, war, elemental energy)

Nearly all of my fiction revolves in some way around the Delpha Coalition of Planets, as it is my main civilization, both in Spore and on the wiki. The DCP is a powerful Tier 1 civilization, one of the largest and most advanced (and feared!) in the First Gigaquadrant. It has is a post-scarcity society and on its way to postsapience. They are aligned with Lawful neutral, meaning they will do both good and bad things to follow their disciplined path of honour, order and efficiency. The DCP is constantly at war with what it considers as chaos, both inside and out and so is strongly militaristic as a consequence. To maintain social control is has a Totalitarian government, but its people see it as a utopia (government propagander). Unforttunately, in an Entropic universe, order is in a constant movement to chaos, and with an unchanging, immortal ans slightly insane government, the DCP is locked in this state. It has at least 1000 members, but its founders are the warrior race known as the Grimbolsaurians, led by their demigod figure Emperor Wormulus II (yet not really a god). They hail from the Milky Way galaxy, but the DCP has since expanded across nearby galaxies holding over 2.5 million inhabited systems. The DCP's technology is based on exotic matter and tachyons, enabling them to engineer spacetime in ways of constructing wormholes and limited interuniversal gates. Other technological feats include worldlet-sized megastructures. Most of their power sources are derived from stars and even feeding off the virtual particles released by black holes (see the Interstellar grid).

  • Hogomoth Refuge (themes:desperation, normadic lifestyle)

The Hogomoth are a dying race, on the run from most spacefaring societies. They were a good species, who only tried to ally with the Grox with their plan to make them peaceful. The Grox toyed with them, and soon other civilizations jumped on them. The Grox abandoned them too. The Hogomoth were forced to leave, but a beacon was added to their genes, meaning they would be hunted wherever they go. The Hogomoth were hunted across every star, until only a million are now left wondering the cosmos in search of a place to settle (it seems they have now abandoned this plan). The Hogomoth have two options, try to ally with the Grox again, or leave the First Gigaquadrant.

  • Cephalodian Imperium (themes:Biocentric philosophy, exobiology, protection of all life)

The Cephalodians are one of my stranger creatures. Most of their technology is wet, being biological (drytech being very green). But its technology with a twist, for reasons unknown, life on their fertile world Seladiscas evolves symbiotically with them, and quickly too (it is after all alien). One possibility is that their world is a Gaia planet with an intelligence, and that somehow it influences life to evolve together. Because of this, the Cephalodians nuture life to the extreme, even on other worlds, and believe in the natural balance of nature. They are opposed to xenophobia and consumerism. Even during times of war, they must commune with their creatures to see if their "stead" ships, vehicles and even weapons are willing to. They travel the universe learning about life (never harming it), increase awareness of conservation and create great wildlife sancturies.

SporeWiki Fantasy Universe - Basic Introduction Edit

Very recently, the SporeWiki:Fantasy Universe has been created, based on a tribal to steam powered levels of socities on a planet. The main themes are fantasy. I am new to this genre, so a change might be refreshing. I joined early so I could get in and make more unique stuff quickly, although much of my fiction in this is still in the developmental stages.

  • The Islanders

They are Koldenwelt's answer to humanity (I swapped the fantssy human and Elf roles). Humans inhabit the inland seas of Xa'in and Korishimia. They are one of the most advanced nations on Koldenwelt, on a similar level to the Birtish Empire during the Victorian period, and have steam power. They are not very steampunk though, the style I picked is based on the Far East. They stay very isolated, and have huge blockades of warships, early submarines, giant island walls and even heat rays (magnification of sunlight). I enjoy building spaceship fleets for the DCP, so for The Islanders, I enjoy building sea vehicles.

  • Lunsincth

The Lunsincth inhabit the Stormlands, and very few survive today despite their extreme knowledge and age, being one of the okdest races on Koldenwelt. I based them on the Chinese Dragon.

  • Eierland

I based Eierland on the British Isles, in landscape, culture and even folklore. It is where my main character would have grown up in. He is in fact, an Islander but doesn't know it yet, but always knew he was different to anyone in Eierland. So basically he embarks on a long adventurous journey that will lead him to the Inland Seas, which will also reveal the Lunsincth origins. Since I know little of writing fantasy, I will base much of it on real myths and legends, such as the Hidden People.

My other games Edit

I don't want to write pages for all them (as most are minor), so they can all go here. They are all members of the Delpha Coalition of Planet now. I have created lots of empires in my galaxy, but my richest, first and best game is the DCP.

Glidiosaurian Empire Edit

Sporepedia - [1]

My second game, the Glidiosaurians have the ability of flight. Their empire is only small, but it is largely peaceful and democratic. They are scientific. In the end, they pledged their alliegence to the DCP (who are not very far away), to help fight against an enemy. Their homeworld Maccina is highly volcanic, but recently suffered a Supervolcano disater, killing much life on its surface. Fortunately, the Glidiosaurians saved many of the flora and fauna, on colony planets and are currently engaging in restoring their homeworld (it was actually a glitch where escodisasters occur on homeworlds, and there is a lot of volcanoes on the planet).

Welky Grand Council Edit

Sporepedia - [2]

The Welky Grand Council are very friendly and have over 50 colonies and come from planet Voller. They allied with the DCP to fight against a common enemy, the Grox. Recently, however, the alliance has soured a bit, because the DCP didn't help their homeworld when it fell to an ecodisaster, however, they are still on friendly terms.

Rhodiaxian Empire Edit

Sporepedia - [3]

My most violent empire (even more so than the DCP), they make few alliances and attack many empires. However, they are only a threat to small empires, and would easily be crushed by some of the empires (DCP, Welky Grand Coucil, maybe the Glidiosaurian Empire) on this page. They are Knights and come from planet Tarcus.

Birpok Theocratic Dominion Edit

Sporepedia - [4]

The Birpok are very isolinist, but not too aggressive, they hold a small, but well-protected empire on the edge of the galaxy. Despite their isolation they keep, they allow missionaries of Spode to teach them their religion, this is because the Birpok found that they needed a faith. The Birpok come from Eutrex.

Swine Moose Order Edit

Sporepedia -[5]

My most peaceful empire, these have a Grand Council, but recently, several of their worlds have fallen to the Grox. They hail from Uraemourus.

Borg Collective Edit

The Borg of course come from Star Trek, so credits for them go to Paramount.

I decided that I wanted to play as the Borg Collective. After assimilating and adapting to various nearby empires (using Fanatical Frenzy to assimilate, and weapons badges for adaption), the Borg soon became powerful enough to rival the DCP. After assimilating a few systems and destroying hunderds of ships, the DCP was able to lure them into Grox territory which distracted them from the DCP. They come from Borg Prime.

I had to play as the Borg! It was also an interesting way to start a war between two of my saved game files, and then to attack the Grox.

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