Aglogovu2.png This user owns a copy of Spore Galactic Adventures.
Grox Image.png This user allied with The Grox. Please don't hate this user for the crime committed.
Domodance.gif This user would rather fill their page with userboxes than text!
GalacticCore.png This user has entered the Galactic Core.
Tea.png This user loves socializing with other users! Feel free to have a cup of tea.
This user HATES Spode! He is the evil in the galaxy, love the God That Will Come!
Ambox outdated serious.svg.png This user is amazed that there is still outdated information from before Spore was released. Come on you guys!
Notspores.png This user can't stand when people call Spore "Spores"! It is singular, not plural!
Ssa.png This user is a member of the Seven Starr Alliance.
Atom of Atheism (lowres)-Zanaq.png This user is unsure about religion. While God may exist, he may not. Who knows. But as we learn more, we could find what is true.
Spore 2010-07-07 20-29-42.png This user is a WikiGryphon, who specialises in defending wikiland and helping newcomers.
Angryfaic.gif This user can't stand vandals! Please don't vandalize.
Green face.png This user's fiction is brilliant! One of the best!
Kamik-Shi (3).png This user's fiction is part of the War of Ages Master Kroc.png
Spore Aquatic Stage.jpg This user wishes the Aquatic stage was in the 2008 Spore.
Spore 2009-09-12 14-53-54.png This user loves interstellar travel! Exploring the galaxy is this user's dream!
Spore 2009-08-05 19-32-02.png This user despises Glitches! Especially the ones that trap unsuspecting holographic captains into potholes!
Flora sporepedia.jpg This user wishes there was a plant editor.
Wiki.png This user is a Sysop and is here to help.
Ambox science.svg.png This user participates in the Taxonomy Project. Ask if you need your creatures classified!
Bard Passion.png This user likes creating anthems, even though there is no way to listen to anthems outside of Spore.

A little about me

  • Yep I like science. Lightbulb.png
  • I am interested in speculating what alien life may look like, combining sci-fi, alien life and evolution is one of the main reasons why I was a fan of Spore.
  • This user was the first on wiki to get 10,000 & 20,000 edits on the wiki! He has been here since 2008, how many hours on SporeWiki does that make?
  • This user dislikes new fictions that are like the Bad Starter Example.
  • This user prefers a democratic-style wiki.
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