I am semi-active. While I will not be on SporeWiki much, I am active on other wikis so I can always be contacted on my talk page.

I got to 3333 edits on October 15!

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This user is a TimeMaster, a semi-active fop that is still active on other wikis!

Hi, I'm TimeMaster. I use lots of time playing Spore, and also some SimCity 4 (Maxis Fan!). Sometimes I play some other Maxis games. I am also involved in astronomy and I have an interest in the Civilization series. I also enjoy some other small but fun games you can download off of the internet or simply play on a website. Also I plan on getting Spore Galactic Adventures for the lulz. I did that, making lulz adventure currently.

The absolutely the worst case of vandalism that ever took place in the time of Wikia happened today, February 28, 2009. The vandals surrendered, because we were planning to call the police and told them they were uploading child porn. So they surrendered 'cause they don't feel like jail.

Results for "Do you like the new welcome system?"

17: Yes, it's very handy, and comes in use often when I'm busy doing something. 25: Kind of, it seems a bit funny to have bots making user pages and welcoming. 39: I hate it. It seems extremely that BOTS are welcoming people, plus other people making user pages is dumb. 20: Undecided, I'm not sure yet.

This was below it:

Click "I hate it. It seems extremely that BOTS are welcoming people, plus other people making user pages is dumb." Come on!! Don't you want an actual person to welcome you, not an automatic script made just for making it a little bit faster? Plus it is really cheesy, and normal users cannot welcome anymore!


  • Make an awesome creature, DONE (Heglarean)
  • Get Spore Creepy and Cute so I can play a ton more adventures, DONE
  • Get to my 1300 main namespace edits where Wormulon is waiting for me XD

New ArchetypesEdit

See these new philosophies Poeringu, Imperios, Tmy2u, and I made.


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This user wants a Spore Sculpture of one of their creatures, Teffeltyke!
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