Hey, I'm the Valader.

I'm a wiki writer who is specifically passionate about writing fiction. I highly recommend this wiki if your idea is to create nice stories about science fiction empires, as Spore provided a platform for writers with limitless possibilities, which in turn have allowed me and many of collaborators here to come up with a universe as vast and diverse as the users that choose to populate it.

For me, being a writer here has allowed me to vent out from other writing works (personal projects and formal requests from magazines, journals, translations, and editing work as a literature professor). In here I can really lose my mind and just imagine a universe bound by mystical forces, or laws so complex for our minds to understand, leading me to come up with fiction such as the Krassio, or being a co-founder of the War of Ages, which would serve as a template for similar fictions today.

I am an Admin in the wiki and in the Discord Server. I have knowledge in the source code templates that have been created here, so I can assist you in fixing them if they break. Aside from normal duties on the wiki, my writings right now include collaborations in other people's fictions (listed below), where I mostly work as a short-story writer or a writer that can tie plot points and create several new ones when needed. For this, I usually take a good reading on the person's fiction (for which I request that is well written) and the universe they are creating, as well as the plot they want to follow so that I do not kill their characters without their consent. Apart from that, I am currently developing the storyline from my own fiction through the community writing project Psionics Discord, which serves me right as a detonator for new things in my fiction.

Currently Working on:

Notable Works[]

Authored Works[]

Captain of Space and War

Bel's Awakening

War of Ages


Dawn of Divina

Mind Over Matter

To do list[]

  • Reach my 10,000 edits!
  • Patrol Wiki
  • Fight spam
  • Purge Classification templates
  • Clean Articles
  • Categorize new images and articles
  • Name wrong placed titles under correct namespace

Historical moment in the space-time continuum. (From left to right) Cyrannian, The Valader and Wormulon visiting the Star Trek Universe

My content[]

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  • It is largely speculated that Val manifests on Earth as a sexy Mexican dude, whose symbol is the Country ball displayed here.

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Favorite Science Fiction Universes[]

-Star Trek

-Star Wars





-Warhammer 40k

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