The Buldier

aka The fictions Buldier

  • I live in Over here, over there, no matter while I have access to internet
  • I was born on December 27
  • My occupation is studying, writing, etc.
  • I am An idealist
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About me Edit

How to start? My name is XXXXXX XXXXXXX, but you can call me The Buldier, or Buldier, or Builder if you want. I joined to Sporewiki to write in the Fiction Universe (Fictionverse for short) in March of 2012, so you could consider me a bit old in the wiki, but anyway I normally take long breaks of two or three months per year and some sporadically breaks of a week.

I am student of engineering and a non-stereotypical extrovert geek lover of history, science, literature and anime at day and an asleep guy at night (I am not Batman, and if I were, I wouldn't tell it XD). Talking seriously, I am a truly fan of technology and society, and that is one of the reasons why I like writing here, because this Fictionverse is pretty accurate at physics and logic and I love that.

I am the creator of United Federation of Species, an ambiguously good empire that come from other universe (expect a lot of never wrote background references), that is my primary fiction, but I created other characters too (Ardir Kogac, Zein Zatock). I am member of the Fantasyverse too, being the creator of the Panssari and their empire, I am also the original creator of the Elemental (who/which I made shared) and the fanatical sociopath Tummork.

In conclusion, I am really interested in creating fictions, and if you want to talk about it, or good books, or good anime (particularly those who involves a chessmaster), or good science, or just complain about the world, I am listening. I also have some knowledge about practical application of sci-fi tech so, if you have a question, there is a 50% of possibilities that I could answer it.

To do list Edit


  • Achieve the 3000 editions. (Low priority) - Anyway I will finish achieving it.
  • Write on Lightning War. (High priority) - It's time to show that I can write evulz characters too!
  • Create the story of Aliankanv arrive to the power. (Mid priority) - Born from shadows!
  • Make Elementals' Spore image. (High priority) - I need to create something cool looking.
  • Ask Xho to make the Elementals' image even more cool looking. (Mid priority) - It would be necessary for some elementals edit the image.




In case of End of The Buldier As We Know Him click the linkEdit

Fiction Testament

Trivia Edit

  • The Buldier it's a deformation of The Builders the most powerful empire of my fictions.
  • The last userbox list was taken from here.
  • The Buldier took an Alignment Test and resulted in Neutral Good.
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