For Attero DominatusEdit

Dominatus-USF FrontEdit

  • The Federation uses abandoned Tyranny's wormholes to skip the Mark 2 Patrols and starts the invation.
  • Anaxu reveals his powers in essence in a battlefield and fight hand-to-hand with a Dominatus.
  • Yrit destroys a planet.
  • Choren Jun talk with the DCP and persuaded them to support the Federation in exchange for a joint project on the investigation of ultraterrestrials.

Katar Sector FrontEdit

  • The Federation attacks from the back the Tyranny colonies.
  • Hammidal reveals the Federation's plan for the anihilation of the Tyranny.
  • Sax argue with Hammidal about the morality stuff.

Invation to MirusEdit

  • Vankalian helps to lead the final battle against the Tyranny Captial.
  • Zein Zatock helps the allies.
  • Zein gets mad and destroys the whole Tyranny's fleet using his powers in essence.
  • Vankalian glass Demogorgon Prime.

After Attero DominatusEdit

KSA non-war plotEdit

  • DI-USF competition for monopoly services in Katar.
  • Mask reborn?
  • Shadow Regiment works as an international intelligence agency.

DCP-USF united proyect about UltraterrestrialsEdit

  • USF scientist working with the DCP.
  • Discover the origins of the Federation's home universe.
  • Possibly:
    • New AI for the AI Netspace.
    • Vankalian and Kilnok get lost into a simulated universe.
    • Rveals the power of the End Detector.

Future of my charactersEdit

  • Aranelia:
    • New high tech armour.
    • New action-girl style: She was the damsel in distress for too long.
  • Sax:
    • 97% mechanic: Super intelligent bio-cyborg!
  • Hammidal:
    • Plan Hammidal.
  • Edelmut:
    • Ascend.
    • Argue with Zein.
    • Continues being mystic leader of the Federation.
  • Zein:
    • Expulsed from the League of Patrons: May be.
    • Become bad?: He explores the technology, magic and religion Xhodocto and ending transforming into a servant of some demon.
    • Work with others mages and essence masters in an adventure to save the universe.

For the LegacyEdit

  • Prisoners of the mind: The universe has been taken by an indesrtuctible AI so big as a galaxy. It makes its victims dreams different universes where they minds are omnipotent, but the wrost fears of the victims become real.
    • Collaborative fiction: May be this could be a collaborative fiction with characters of other users. The idea is, if people like the project, each user proposes a character, which, therefore, have its own reality.


  • Aliankanv showing his talent as chessmaster somehow.


  • Station Halcyon-like story: I imagine a collaborative story with weekly chapters about a team of "heroes of cloak and sword" (fancy for heroic mercenaries) that wander around Koldenwelt saving villages and killing monsters at exchange of some coins of gold.
  • War in Everwinter Highlands:
    • Knights, Knobi and Délwen involved
    • Tummork involved somehow
  • Elemental conflict
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