Well, lot of people are doing this and I think that it is a good idea to ensure that my fictions survive when I eventually die, so I am going to write my last will now. Just to make sure no one get me wrong, I'm not leaving the wiki now or any time soon, but there are always hundreds of variables that could get me out of it. Do not consider this as my resignation to the wiki.

When this enter in effect:

  • If I don't appear in the wiki or the IRC for 3 months without explanation.
  • If I say in a blog or in the IRC that I give up the wiki.
  • If something above said happen and I don't reply anything in my message wall.

Conditions of fiction ownership transference:

  • In the case that I come back, the fictions will become mine again.
  • Try to kept the characters and empires own personalities and alignment, in the case that the change is a secondary effect of the story, it is ok.
  • Special conditions that are described in the following section.

The Testament:

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