That's how it be on this bitch of an Earth.

I'm TheHachi, otherwise known as Hachi, and I have been frequenting and collaborating on Sporewiki since April 10th, 2010, making me one of the older users here although far from the eldest. I write science fiction and fantasy (also science fantasy!) and I enjoy writing action-oriented stories with character-driven narratives. While I enjoy writing, you are likely to encounter a fair number of red links and unfinished content across my pages - my attention span, motivation and my commitment to ideas are not my greatest assets.

I am a chat moderator with rollback rights and my job includes reverting harmful edits, vandalism and also ensuring the community remains an equal opportunity place - discrimination based on sex, gender, race, disability, appearance, etc. is not tolerated. I also assist new users by guiding them to the right place for information and informing them of the basic guidelines for both the Fiction Universe and the Fantasy Universe - the two main collaborative fiction settings for users.

I am disabled and non-binary and I use they / them pronouns; I write and talk a lot about media and politics, particularly that pertaining to social equity, intersectionality and the struggles suffered by marginalised groups. Regarding content warnings my fiction does contain elements of NSFW material - sexual implications, profanities, graphic violence and numerous other heavy topics - and I am not averse to talking about the aforementioned subjects in conversation (within reason), so keep this in mind before approaching my fiction.

PS: do not bother interacting with me if you identify as any form of centrist (including liberal), right-winger, alt-righter or Conservative or any adjacent political leaning and do not interact if you believe LGBTQ+ / PoC / disabled etc. rights and presentation are negotiable. Thank you! 🖤 


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