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Spriggs077 here! Some of you guys (or girls as it may be) reading this have probably gotten a message or two from me (or perhaps Ja'Dan Fleetfather of the Fordanta), and maybe you're wondering "Who the f*** IS this guy?"

Well, to answer my own question (it IS sorta mine after all), I'm just some random guy who likes Spore, has a pretty good fiction (at least I think so anyway!) and just enjoys a good chat. I also kinda have a knack for annoying people and then allying with them (e.g. Richardson72, I left his abusive little message up just for laughs).

But on to slightly more serious stuff: weeeeeellllllll.... uhhhhhh..... O.K., there isn't any serious stuff, don't judge! I'm just here to have fun and mess around, so feel free to leave a comment in my talk page if you want to have a bit of a joke around.

Most importantly, remember this: It's all fun and games 'till someone looses an eye. Then it's HILARIOUS!

Hehehe, well, that's me for you. Here's some of my fiction:

The Fordanta[]

A noble and elite race, the Fordanta stand vigilant against any who would dare incite war with them or their allies. Lost for two millennia in Void Space, the Empire has returned to real space a greater force than any could foresee. Now they use Might for Right, cleansing the galaxy of all who would cause unbalance in the universe. What makes them so formidable, though is their single-minded unwillingness to back down. A Fordan warrior is so fervent in the completion of their duty that some have ben known to fight on for a short while after they are technically dead.


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User Relations[]

Friendly with:

  • everyone I haven't met (that may change when I meet them)

Liked Users:

  • Ghelæ- Really good person to chat to, very mature and intelligent person.
  • Richardson72- Writes good fiction, very helpful to newbies and a good artist.
  • Irskaad- Also writes good fiction, friendly to people.
  • Wormulon-Same as Richardson but without the artist bit. :)

IRC Shenanigans[]

This highly advanced new Fordanta tour bus ship requires a large amount of precision" "Do the tours go to Hiroshima?" "No-" "THEN TO HELL WITH PRECISION" *crashes the ship into Nagasaki*

- Tybusen