The Grox Grox: “I'll be back once I've destroyed a civilization.”
This user is away from the wiki and you can expect a reduced amount of activity from them.

Their expected date of return is: unknown.

You can drop them a message if you're lonely or miss them, and they will respond if they get the chance.

The reason they have given is: really slow internet, that makes IRC impossible to access and almost impossible to access the wiki

A little bit about meEdit

  • I am a huge fan of both aliens and dinosaurs
  • I really like to do speculative evolution , what is one of the reasons why I play Spore.
  • I am still pupil

To do ListEdit

  • Writing
    • Foreign Relationships ~ Mid Prority
  • RPing
    • Troodontid-Neraida Conflict ~ High Prority
    • Rising of Eternal War ~ High Prority
    • Secrets of the Collective ~ Low Prority


Here all my ideas and possible plots go till they are accepted.

My FictionsEdit

Sporeraptor's Fiction
May the age of technology begin !
- Ancient Troodontid ruler
Important Topics


Spore, once again, died. Need to find a fix, again.

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