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  • I live in Scotland
  • I was born on May 11
  • I am Male

Hi there! I am Sporeguy33. I have made many creations and most of them have been uploaded. My current Spore name is jameses.

[2] - My Sporepedia page.

According to an online alignment test ([3]) this user is Lawful Good. However, I would probably say I was closer to Neutral Good.

28th December 2011-500 Edits!

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The Thee are a series of template pages I keep so that I can easily build up my fiction. They are one of the

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Very nice and funny user!

- Irskaad

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  • I will NEVER, EVER reveal important personal things online.
  • I believe what I know. I think the scientific and religious theories are both correct in some way, and God was some force of nature or something.
  • I care deeply about the environment.
  • I am a big fan of Queen and ABBA.
  • I am a little bit crazy, but all the best people are!
  • I am a vegetarian

My Active Games on SporeEdit

Fiction:Kread Galaxy

Muul Hoopii Central Alliance (MHCA)-The Muul Hoopii are a republic of Zealots from the planet Boseus VIII. They are quite new to the Galactic community, and so work to create alliances between the Empires of their sector. The OLD GRAN KNITTING Warrior Imperium, former members of the MHCA, had attacked the Fallopian Trade Federation and were punished by having a planet taken away from them by force and being cut from the Alliance. However, they continued to attack the Fallopians, and were absorbed into the Muul Hoopii Empire.

Hividon Republic-The Hividon are from planet Hivicusy Major. They are peaceful Shaman people and they can connect their minds to a mind network to communicate.

The Evlia-A race of Carnivorous, violent creatures from the planet Weeping World. They are still in Tribal Stage.

The Mjinn-I have finally remembered their name, they live on planet Teldrove.

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My Brother's Active Games on SporeEdit

Elliontic-III-A member of the Elliontic empire from the planet Ellitic III. They are warriors.

Zconie Republic-A peaceful Warrior republic, sworn to protect good. They are from planet Pandora.

Xansker Federation-Ecologists from the planet Myakie.

Ojano Kingdom-A race that mysteriously appeared as a civilized nation on the planet Glison III.

To Do ListEdit

  • Get 1,000 edits
  • Improve the LSA and make more fiction.
  • Get more involved in the Wiki community
  • User:Sporeguy33/Drafts


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