I began to play Spore a couple of years ago, and have been playing ever since. I also like building redstone contraptions in minecraft.

I am also a big fan of science fiction by Larry Niven and Issac Asimov.

Nivenian Empire[]

The Nivenian Empire is my personal fiction and is very active. Below is a navbox for those looking to trade.

All Nivenian Supercomputers are scaled from this one. The maximum real-time intelligence for a computer is assumed to be IQ = (P/GHz)^(1/6), where P is the processing power of a computer. No computer larger than three thousand kilometers on a side can be intelligent in real time. Also, D&D-style intelligence numbers can be generated in the following way: 10.5 * (IQ/100)^2 rounded to the nearest whole number.

It can be proven that space fighters do not work.

A remote-controlled drone is better than a space fighter, as it's destruction does not result in the loss of a pilot and it can pull higher accelerations.

A missile is better than a remote-controlled drone, as it releases all of its energy at once, enabling it to deal damage faster.

Therefore, space fighters will not be used; missiles will instead.

Ask me if you need any realistic planets made!

The history of the Nivenian Empire has sort of halfway become a de facto "recent gigaquadrant history."

And, yes, I know that the Nivenian Empire government page is a few years behind. Yes, I am also reworking the military. No, unless I merge with a superintelligent machine or something, the Nivenian Empire will always have very few systems. The reason? I operate under the simple rule that I have to create pages for all a system's planets and moons before I create the system.


I am trying to improve the categorization of articles on SporeWiki. One of the largest projects that I am currently working on is trying to find all mainspace articles about spore and add them to the designated spore category. This will unfortunately take a lot of time.


It should be noted that ice giants are closer to terrestrial planets than gas giants for one simple reason - at the bottom of their gigapascal atmospheres there is usually liquid water or ice, things we see on the surface of rocky worlds. Apart from their thicker atmospheres, they should by all means be classified as really big ocean planets.

The bottom of gas giant atmospheres is usually liquid metallic hydrogen.

Apparently, as of this edit (16:21 11/29/2020 UTC), I have made almost 5% of the planets in the fiction universe, and almost 6.5% of the illustrated ones.

General Stuff[]


Nivenia Space Phonebook


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Nivenian History after Dekemurios 32, 20 NE
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