aka M87 high-mass X-ray binary #108

  • I live in M87
  • My occupation is Stellar mass black hole
Hello, I am a random black hole 712.38 light-years from the core of M87 that recently decided to become part of SporeWiki. I used to be a luminous blue variable of 413.28 solar masses, but I went hypernova by photodisintegration, and became a 291.34 solar mass black hole. My binary companion is a blue supergiant of 231.34 solar masses, and is extremely fluffy, filling up its Roche lobe and allowing me to feed on it, releasing X-rays from my accretion disk.

History Edit

I began to play Spore a couple of years ago, and have been playing ever since. I also like building redstone contraptions in minecraft. As for how a black hole can possibly use a keyboard, that is a trade secret. My solution to the light-lag between M87 and the Milky Way is also a trade secret.

Please do not try to build a shellworld around me. Thank you!

Nivenian Empire Edit

The Nivenian Empire is my personal fiction and is very active. Below is a navbox for those looking to trade.

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